Did CIA engage in non-consensual human experimentation?



By JOSEPH FITSANAKIS | intelNews.org |
Late last month, I warned that it would take several weeks before journalists, academics, historians, lawyers, and other interested parties comb through the recently declassified report on torture by the CIA inspector general, as well as several other newly available documents pertaining to the CIA’s interrogation program. The search continues. Meanwhile, several observers are focusing on the CIA’s Office of Medical Services, as well as on Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape (SERE) a secretive US Army unit, whose work appears to have informed the CIA’s torture program. Last week, we posted news of a little-noticed report by Physicians for Human Rights, which said that the declassified documents show that doctors supervising CIA torture may have committed war crimes under the Geneva Convention. Psychologist Jeffrey Kaye, of The Public Record, takes this a step further. Having researched the available evidence, he asks whether the CIA is guilty of conducting non-consensual human experimentation with the aim of improving the efficiency of its interrogation practices.

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