French former spy wanted in Dubai to be tried in Florida

Herve Jaubert

Herve Jaubert

A French former spy who escaped secretly from the United Arab Emirates, where he is wanted for fraud and embezzlement, will face trial in the US, where he currently resides. Herve Jaubert left Direction Générale de la Sécurité Extérieure (DGSE), France’s foreign intelligence agency, in 1993, to pursue a career in the luxury tourist market, first in Florida and then in Dubai. But less than a year ago, Emirates authorities accused the Frenchman of embezzling nearly $4 million from Dubai World, a company he helped found in the country. Jaubert says he was threatened with torture by Emirates authorities and decided to escape, despite having been forced to surrender his French passport. He allegedly left the country using an inflatable rubber dinghy to reach a sailboat located just outside UAE territorial waters, which he then used to sail to India. He later emerged in southern Florida, home of his American wife. But according to prosecution lawyers in Dubai, the US government will be complying with an Interpol order for Jaubert’s arrest, and there are plans for the former spy to face justice in southern Florida. A court in Dubai has sentenced Jaubert in absentia to five years in prison and has ordered him to repay Dh14 million ($3.8 million) to Dubai World. Jaubert’s story is one of several starring former spies who were active in Dubai’s economic boom of the 1990s. Last August, it emerged that Dutch operative Malika Karoum, who was involved in shady property dealings in Dubai, and is accused of being a triple agent, working secretly for the UAE and Egypt, had been arrested by Dutch intelligence agents.

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One Response to French former spy wanted in Dubai to be tried in Florida

  1. Tucker says:

    What happened witrh hus 5 year conviction in Dubai? Will he be extradited to serve that sentence? France also sentenced Herve Jaubert to a two year sentence in prison. Has he served that prison sentence yet? I am also curious how he was able to establich residence in Florida with a couple of felony convictions. From what I understand of US immagration laws they do not allow people with felony convictions to stay in America. I saw in your article the information about his civil suit but nothing about his convictions. To date nobody I have heard of has ever veirfied jis background or education. It smells of lies and deception. If somebody really was a spy would he really go around telling the world after? From what I have seen he is trying to pass off self made blog pages as actual news. I think the real story here should be about how this man is able to fool so many people and profit greatly from it. Some of the other stories I havr read conflict each other. First he was in the army and then it was the navy. Where are his credentials? If he does have credentials were they faked? Real submarine designer experts have stated in court that his designs are no good and would certainly fail. The only clips I have seen were in shallow waters. If Herve was truly a subnarine builder why did he purchase one from somebody else. I have not seen anybody testify that his subs ever passed any real certification tests. They look very ameteur built and designed. I am sure I could do what he did but even better and I have absolutely no sub design experience. Never before have I seen fiberglass used as a submarine body. I would have expected a much better designed sub even if Herve had absolutely no experience in simply based on the people that he hired. What happened to all of the equipment that he told Dubai World he stated he owned but never showed up? I think the real story here is about Fraud and how to avoid criminal convictions. I do expect a rebuttal here as I have seen in other places that say they are somebody other than Herve but really sound like Herve himself. If you look at some of the Wikipedia comments and posters there you will see there are many that come from where Herve live in Florida but never have his name posted as the author. Those comments show links to Blog pages as proof of their comments. They are only proof of major deception, Somebody here has been very busy posting promotional comments about Herve and never reveal their true identity. Who in the world would profit from such things. hmmmmmmm There are even posts stating Herve was aquitted of all charges in a civil case. There is no such thing as aquital in a civil case. I wonder who had the most to gain from that comment? hmmmmmmm Somebody has been very busy distorting the facts. Whenever a person is capable of that would you not think they are also capable of lying about who they really are? There truly is a good story here that needs to be fully investigated and written. I also believe people should face their criminal sentences and not allowed to hid in other countries after they are convicted. Where is the justice here? There are certainly many victims as I see it.

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