Total US intelligence budget revealed for the first time

Dennis Blair

Dennis Blair

The US Director of National Intelligence, Admiral Dennis Blair, has revealed the total amount of America’s military and civilian intelligence budget for the first time in history. Blair, who oversees all 16 American intelligence agencies, said the country’s intelligence program costs $75 billion annually. This number includes funds for military intelligence agencies, which have previously been classified. Speaking to reporters on Tuesday, Blair argued that the “old distinction between military and non-military intelligence is no longer relevant”. The DNI was referring to the traditional budgetary distinction between the Military Intelligence Program (MIP) and the National (civilian) Intelligence Program (NIP), which make up the US intelligence budget. The $75 billion goes to fund all of the nation’s 16 intelligence agencies, which are thought to employ 200,000 people, although nobody is certain about the exact number. Last time the total amount of civilian and military intelligence budget became public was in 1994, when the number was mistakenly published in a congressional report. Back then, it totaled just short of $26 billion.

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3 Responses to Total US intelligence budget revealed for the first time

  1. Lindy Sisk says:

    “Blair, who oversees all 16 American intelligence agencies, said the country’s intelligence program costs $75 million annually.”

    Billion, as the figure later in the article correctly says.

  2. intelNews says:

    Correction made. Thanks for catching this. [IA]

  3. doe-eyed indonesians says:

    maybe we should consider leaving the shit to the free market system since we all know the large chunk of the expense comes from dealing with a-symetrical threat. Since the real value of the damage done by freakin terrorist wont be so huge to justify the cost to prevent it from happening, why dont we just let those rugheads do their shits. in return whatever they did we avenged them sevenfolds. that is if some ass from say saudi blow the crap out of some place inside states, then we ll carpet bombing riyadh saudi in return, so completely,swiftly, and smoothly like we are born to do that, even 9 years old will say ” wow.. that was cool”. then, those asses will calculate things according to gain and loss thing, and since the price doing carpet bombing them is so much less than the cost to prevent attack, that is the intel cost above, so lets do that option. that is in dog eat dog world, we will be the biggest dog of all, since we dont care. Since not over the next millenium you could expects those rugheads, will ever learn that they must change their values in order to better understand us. So do it their way, and stop bitchin about prevention this or that. Or there is other option, that is lets back the so called fundamentalist moslem, or old guard, or friends of osama bl, seized power in saudi arabia, let em do their deadly thing in that kingdom for awhile. Then we can draw a very clear lines between us against them, then well run over them completely, like a good old war between countries. and we throw our entire whatever on top of them. Actually this is a good option. There are four great powers in the world now, russia, china and india and us.Guess what is the common denominator amongst them? right! all got moslems fundamentalist running around causing troubles withing each borders. Lets gang up with them. since the Goth,
    Franks, and the Saxons are a bunch of sissies sitting there doing nothing, we cannot ask them doing the thing anymore.

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