Emirates authorities expel Lebanese who refuse to spy on Hezbollah

Hassan Alayan

Hassan Alayan

By JOSEPH FITSANAKIS | intelNews.org |
A story by Agence France Presse appears to corroborate allegations, reported on by intelNews on September 4, that United Arab Emirates authorities are systematically expelling from the country Lebanese Shiites who refuse to spy on Hezbollah. A spokesman for the expelled Lebanese said hundreds of them were “summoned by the security services in the UAE before being expelled, and were asked to spy on fellow Lebanese in the Emirates as well as Hezbollah members or face deportation”. Speaking at a conference in Beirut, Hassan Alayan said the expulsions began last June, and so far have specifically targeted the 100,000-strong Lebanese community in the Emirates. Some say the expulsions are part of a US-led intelligence operation against the activities of Hezbollah, the Shiite Islamic political and paramilitary organization that controls large parts of Lebanon. An official from Lebanon’s Foreign Ministry told AFP that the Emirates ambassador to Lebanon has been summoned “several times” over the expulsions, but has yet to give a clear explanation. UAE government officials in Abu Dhabi and UAE embassy officials in Beirut declined comment.

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