Indian government tells telecoms to avoid buying Chinese hardware

Huawei logo

Huawei logo

The Indian government has asked the country’s telecommunications companies to “refrain from buying Chinese telecommunications equipment”, because they may be used by Beijing to spy on India. The request was reportedly delivered to Indian telecommunications industry representatives by officials from India’s Department of Telecommunications, in a closed-door meeting earlier this week. Indian media report that the Department’s request has no legal backing, but is simply a call for Indian telecommunications providers to “self-regulate”. But the government is said to be working on official guidelines to restrict the domestic use of telecommunications hardware and software originating from countries considered “unfriendly” to India, including Pakistan, China and Egypt. Some industry observers have expressed fears that the pending restrictions will severely hinder the growth of India’s rapidly rising telecommunications sector. Last week, Indian security agencies told the Department of Telecommunications that they need access to missed calls because “anti-social elements” may be using the system to communicate without actually making a call. Last month, India’s Intelligence Bureau asked for all VOIP (internet-based) calls in the country to be blocked until it figures out a mechanism to track them. It also said it wants access to the content of all mobile phone calls in the country. Finally, last September, spying concerns prompted India’s state-owned telecommunications service provider, Bharat Sanchar Nigam, to drop Chinese telecommunications firm Huawei from its list of equipment suppliers. The same company, which is also active in Australia, is currently under investigation by the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO), because of its rumored links to China’s intelligence establishment.

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3 Responses to Indian government tells telecoms to avoid buying Chinese hardware

  1. How Hard would it be to Install a Massive Attack on the U.S. Internet and Web Servers with Chinese Computers or Hardware and Software, if Undetectable Systems were the Problem and no-one knows where it originates or why The Chinese Servers, are where all The Signals ended up? Volunteer Intelligence

  2. neel says:

    Those in India, that are supposed to have fear of growth being restricted due to the above move must learn that nation’s interst comes before any gains in business deals… !

    Keep nation’s intersts top-most in your mind, or get your ass out of business in India.

  3. Did you know that President Clinton sold Beijing a large amount of Super Computers in The 1990’s and that was the Beginning of the Military Strategy in China as well as The Capacity to Upgrade Their Weapons systems too? It was posted on The News and Told to be a Help for their Nation. This was during the Dot.Com Boom! Around the North Korean Death of Kim Sung Il. Volunteer Intelligence

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