Swedish journalist, author, admits KGB ties

Jan Guillou

Jan Guillou

By IAN ALLEN | intelNews.org |
One of Sweden’s most famous journalists has admitted having had ties with the KGB in the 1960s and 1970s. Jan Guillou, a veteran newspaper correspondent known in Sweden for his hugely popular spy novels, admitted meeting with a KGB handler after allegations surfaced in a Swedish newspaper. Stockholm-based daily Expressen said it had in its possession several declassified files belonging to Sweden’s security service (SAPO), which revealed that Guillou was recruited by the KGB in 1967. The files are reportedly based on the testimony of the late Arne Lemberg, Guillou’s friend and fellow-reporter, who told SAPO that Guillou held regular meetings with KGB rezident in Stockholm Yevgeny Ivanovich Gergel. Lemberg also claimed that Guillou had asked him to help him steal a telephone book from the US embassy in Stockholm, which the KGB was after. Responding to Expressen’s allegations, Jan Guillou admitted having had regular meetings with Gergel from 1967 to 1972, in which “we never did anything else than talked politics”. The journalist also said the KGB paid him for authoring a report on the Vietnam War policies of Sweden’s leftwing Social Democratic Party (SAP), but denied having conducted espionage on behalf Soviet intelligence. Guillou’s case is the second spy scandal to make headlines in Sweden in recent weeks. In late September, an investigation by Sweden’s TV4 channel concluded that Bertil Ströberg, who was jailed in Sweden in 1983 for allegedly spying on behalf of the Eastern Bloc, may was probably innocent.

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One Response to Swedish journalist, author, admits KGB ties

  1. anonymous says:

    Sound a bit same as Socialist Finnish Security (shortening SUPO) Police attempts to blackmale foreign engineers to work for spies for them. In return Finnish SUPO has promised an excellent post, nationality and other benefits to such people.


    Today, 22nd of October in 2009, a-tuubi (link: http://atuubi.yle.fi/ohjelmat/a_talk)
    documentary from National Broadcasting Company had an interview were Somalian refugee Idiris Faran told how Finnish Security Police has tried to recruit him as a spy. He told
    he has been living 20 years in Finland a refugee without getting Finnish nationality. He told how some woman from Security Police of Finland gave him a telephone call and started to ask questions. He also told having asked to visit Finnish Security Police for questioning as them having asked him questions like ‘would you be happy if USA would attack Finland’ or ‘did you like 911 happenings’. He was told from Security Police of Finland, that they have a position ‘a post’ for him ready, a passport with Finnish
    nationality and everything arranged if he would co-operate with them and act as a spy.
    Idiris Faran refused accepting this post because he did not like the suggestion as an Engineer and a Muslim. Idiris Faran is working as a teacher at the moment. Ex Ministry of Interior (id est Police Ministry) in 2003-2007, Mr Kari Rajamäki (SDP), told Finland will have to recruit people to work for Security Police and Finland on abroad. Unfortunately Mr Kari Rajamäki did not understand this act being spying and thus violating international and foreign Laws. Program also revealed Security Police arranging posts to people working on them and taking care their matters. Also program raised a question of Finnish Government Police and Security Police blaming innocent people as terrorists without any real evidence. According to Somalian Idiris Faran he was rejected nationality because he was not willing to co-operate with Security Police of Finland.
    Police Act expansion in 2005 related to telephone tapping was also brought in light on bases of protecting Finns and Finnish society. Later on protecting also emigrants rights was appended to statement. Program revealed in public a known fact of Security Police gathering information from their network, hiring people to gather information for them, and police using tapping on suspected people usually not quilty for anything.

    Were is this taking us? When even you are like to meet anyone not origin Finnish Nationality,
    who has received his/her Finnish nationality later on, and is in an influential position
    or working on some position know-how related, or accessing information of any kind means
    also a possibility you met a spy working for Finnish Security police. Specially if a
    person he/she has got a position or gained weath in short notice. This fact should be
    observed by forein nations and their security services. These people are causing
    damage to private property already in Finland. Thi s also means one should not enter alone in Finnish Police hearing or Police Station, since there is a very strong possibility of being under a recrument attempt.

    As I have fifteen years negative experience on Finnish Police, Criminal Police, Security Police and Finnish Legal reps. and know these people keeping and maintaing power against democracy by making cabinet agreemetns.

    Police and Ministry of Interior (e.q. socialists) have admitted of gathering information on foreign ground and are violating this way these people’s national laws. So sad people these Finnish Government legal reps and police. So many ex KGB workers revealed from Finnish Socialist Party members, 60’s politicians some of wich are still in power, and from National Broadcasting Corporation.

    Late political scandals and reveals from books have shown how police, socialist party members on a high post and some politicians are using national media (YLE) to linch people. There is only room for one opinion is Finland, and it is being determined by our president, police and socialist party members.

    I would like to apology on the behalf of my fellow citizen. After a while listening these people one undersants the low educational level and logical mistakes these people make in their presentations. It really does not impress anyone.

    ~An engineer from Finland with love (to our police, legal reps. & politicians)

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