US media under-report US missile attack on Yemen

Airstrike site

Airstrike victims

Last Friday, a handful of US websites reported “an airstrike” in Yemen against “a leading al-Qaeda figure there”. The incident, which made headline news along the Arab peninsular, was quickly forgotten in the US. But it now turns out that there were two airstrikes, not one; and they were not carried out by “Yemeni forces”, but rather by the US military, which fired cruise missiles at targets in Yemen on direct orders from US President Barack Obama. And yet the revelation, made by ABC News on Friday, appears to have failed to arouse the interest of US news outlets, the vast majority of which are blatantly ignoring this report. ABC News cites “American officials” who state that the targeted sites included “a suspected al-Qaeda training camp north of the capitol, Sana’a” and another location where “an imminent attack against a US asset was being planned”. No further information appears to be available at this time. ABC News correctly states that the US attack on Yemen signifies “a major escalation of the Obama administration’s campaign against al-Qaeda”, though you wouldn’t know it by reading news reports in the US. For more on the widening proxy war in Yemen, read my recent commentary here.

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3 Responses to US media under-report US missile attack on Yemen

  1. The Truth says:

    So typical of US tryna bomb muslims countries in the name of bull shit al-fake… WTF is there prob with rag heads jus cause israel shits itself when they see them…

  2. rich cameron says:

    I like to know about hearing capture all the AL-Queda what do these countries do with them

  3. The real truth says:

    The truth,

    can you put two and two together? what happened three days after we struck in Yemen? I’ll give you some help. A plane bomber carried out an attack that was planned in Yemen. Guess it wasn’t bull after all.

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