Taliban will negotiate with US, says Mullah Omar’s former handler

Colonel Imam

Colonel Imam

By IAN ALLEN | intelNews.org |
The $36-billion-worth military surge plan, spelled out by US President Barack Obama last October, is already underway in Afghanistan. But Brigadier Sultan Amir Tarar, who in the 1980s handled and trained the Taliban leader Mullah Mohammad Omar on behalf of Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence, says the US/NATO surge is a waste of time and money. Instead, Brigadier Tarar, also known in Central Asia as the legendary Colonel Imam, says the US should strive for a political settlement with the Taliban, by directly negotiating with Mullah Omar. He also told McClatchy Newspapers that the new NATO strategy of so-called “reintegration”, whereby low-ranking Taliban insurgents will be offered steady income and personal protection in return for renouncing Mullah Omar, the Taliban and al-Qaeda, will fail. “Anyone who leaves Mullah Omar is no more Taliban. Such people are just trying to deceive”, he said. The Pakistani government, which appears to be in agreement with Tarar’s views, rejected US calls last week to intensify its military campaign against the Taliban, and already admits it is “talking to all levels of the Taliban”. US Pentagon officials asked by McClatchy to comment on Tarar’s comments, appear to tow the line of the Obama administration. But some US officials who spoke to the news agency anonymously, admitted that there is no military change on the Afghan front, despite the surge: “I don’t think anything is happening here”, said one US defense official, who requested anonymity.

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3 Responses to Taliban will negotiate with US, says Mullah Omar’s former handler

  1. neel123 says:

    Why is this Col. Imam walking free ?

    These are people behind creation of Taliban, they should be hanged first …. !

  2. june says:

    sheesh – where to begin. omar? imam? and ‘surge’ is a worm of political semantics

  3. The S urge is going to Happen in about 3-5 Days as we Mount a Hell of an Assault on the City of Murjah and the Biggest Opium Operation on Earth. The U.S. and Allied Mission is called Mushtarak, which is Dari for “together”, when this one is Done the Taliban will be on the Run. It is suspected to Be the Biggest I.E.D. secured area of Afghanistan and the Afghan Army will be Fighting there too. I’d wager we Have an answer for those I.E.D.’s too. But this is why we tried to get as Many Afghan’s to Join Us as Possible before we Ania late those Taliban’s and The Public is Fleeing the area as we speak, for the Leaflets have already been Dropped from th Sky and in the Twinkling of an Eye this will be a Bunch of Dead Qaeder’s, as well as Taliban’s.

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