UK special forces chief trying to prevent book publication

SAS seal

SAS seal

The director of Britain’s Special Forces is actively trying to stop the publication of a new book that sheds unprecedented light on the elite combat group’s operations in Iraq. The official, whose name cannot be revealed for security reasons, has said that the book, authored by BBC journalist Mark Urban, will negatively impact the operational effectiveness of the Special Air Service (SAS) and other UK Special Forces units. The official’s objections have come to overshadow a compromise struck earlier this month between Mr. Urban’s publishers and the UK Ministry of Defence. Following four months of negotiations, the Ministry reportedly decided that the book “would not compromise the operational effectiveness of the SAS”. According to The London Times, the proposed book is based on interviews with current and former members of the SAS, and describes “in tactical detail” operations carried out by the elite paramilitary force in Iraq from the 2003 invasion until last year. The book also sheds light on Task Force Black, a mysterious multinational partnership of special forces units, active mostly in Iraq, which the SAS joined in 2005.

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One Response to UK special forces chief trying to prevent book publication

  1. libhomo says:

    It sounds like there may be some kind of coverup involved.

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