News you may have missed #0292 (al-Mabhouh assassination edition #3)

  • Former Mossad spy says Israel killed al-Mabhouh. Victor Ostrovsky, who worked for the Mossad in the 1980s, says the assassination of Hamas official Mahmound al-Mabhouh last month in Dubai has all the earmarks of a Mossad operation, and was likely sanctioned by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
  • UK denies knowledge of Hamas murder plot. The British Foreign Office has denied a news report that the British intelligence service was told in advance that Israeli agents planned to assassinate senior Hamas militant Mahmoud al-Mabhouh, using British passports.
  • Anglo-Israeli intelligence co-operation is now in jeopardy. Britain has cut its ties with Mossad in the past –after its London station chief carelessly mislaid a sackful of forged British passports– and will do so again unless Israel can provide a credible defense of its actions, says The Daily Telegraph‘s Con Coughlin.

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4 Responses to News you may have missed #0292 (al-Mabhouh assassination edition #3)

  1. Van says:

    “More Dubai murder suspects named”

    “Investigators in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) say they have identified 15 more suspects in the assassination of a Hamas official at a Dubai luxury hotel last month.

    The new details bring the total number of passports allegedly connected to the hit to 12 British, six Irish, three French, three Australian and one German.”

    Australia now involved.

  2. Van says:

    CNN posts passport pictures of all 26 suspects:

    There is some argument in the comments over whether some of the pictures are of the same people with different disguises.

    Note that there are 5 additional women pictured, for a total of 6.

  3. Van says:

    Here’s a flowchart made by Dubai police showing where the suspects came from and how they left Dubai:

    Click to access AD53408224.PDF

    Chart reads from left to right.

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