US-Pakistan spy ties still tense, despite alleged thaw

Cantt, Lahore

Cantt, Lahore

Last December, US officials accused Pakistani security agencies of conducting a “blatant harassment campaign [against] American diplomats”, which reportedly included “frequent checking of American diplomatic vehicles in major cities across the country”. Recent articles in the Pakistani press appear to confirm these reports, indicating that they may be connected with ongoing attempts by US intelligence to increase its limited footprint in Pakistan beyond the safety of the US embassy compound in Islamabad. One such case is in Cantt, Lahore’s military zone, where it appears American intelligence officers have covertly leased “an outpost of several houses”. It is not clear when precisely the Americans began leasing the houses. But the Pakistanis, who have surrounded Cantt with security checkpoints, noticed the increased traffic by vehicles carrying US personnel, and started insisting on inspecting them, as they do with all vehicles entering and exiting Cantt. The Americans refused to comply, which led Pakistani Military Police officers to impound the vehicles on at least two occasions. These confrontations, along with a number of other similar incidents in Islamabad, led US officials to publicly accuse Pakistani security services of conducting a “blatant harassment campaign” against them. The situation in Cantt appears to remain unresolved. Meanwhile, this writer has yet to see any credible evidence behind recent reports of a thaw in intelligence relations between the CIA and Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence directorate.

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One Response to US-Pakistan spy ties still tense, despite alleged thaw

  1. I’m wondering if this is not a Fishing Trip for Pakistan to gain Public Support for The U.S. Military, by allowing the Harassments of the U.S. Military, the Pakistani public will feel more in Control, till the Al-Qaeda and Taliban start Bombing The Pakistani’s into submission again, then The Pakistani’s will concede to The U.S. Operations, then the U.S. Military will gain support from the Pakistani Public, as well as The ISI and The Pakistani Military, to advance the U.S. agenda for the War. This is the way the Pakistan Government has been getting support from The Pakistan public to keep the Pak’s from Feeling the U.S. Government has been Controlling their Government. As well as the Operations inside the Pakistan Borders. There apparently hasn’t been another method of Gaining the Trust of the Pakistan Public since the Taliban, and Al-Qaeda has been Operating inside the Pakistan Borders, which the U.S. felt the Pakistan Government was allowing to Operate unchecked. Now that the Hierarchy has been destroyed of the Taliban and Al-Qaeda Operations the Pak’s may feel like they need more Control too. Especially if the Pakistan Peoples are all of the Sudden Repatriating the Taliban and Al-Qaeda, being as the Terrorists whom were responsible for The killings of the Public in Pakistan and Afghanistan were all Killed or Arrested. This would put the damper on The Intel as well as the Military Ops if the Muslim Public supported the Terrorists in a New alliance that would befriend the U.S. and N.A.T.O. Forces, which may not happen, for the Terrorist Society are still paying for the Murders, Rapes and Mutilations of the Muslim Public. That will take a long Time to reverse by the Terrorists to ever gain a New Alliance, so we need to reduce our Civilian Casualties as much as Possible to gain More Muslim Public Trust and Continue to Destroy these Terrorists. While providing a Safe Haven for the Pakistan Public.

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