Another Mossad assassination, this time in Hungary?

Crime scene

Crime scene

IntelNews got word last night that an unidentified Syrian man was shot dead in Budapest early on Wednesday morning, as he was driving his car. Witnesses reported that the assailant stole a small black briefcase from the 52-year-old victim’s vehicle, before fleeing the scene of the crime on foot. A few hours later, it emerged that, in the week prior to the mysterious shooting, Hungarian air controllers located two Israeli Gulfstream spy planes hovering over the Hungarian capital, close to the airport, where Wednesday’s shooting actually occurred. The Hungarian government is so far refusing to release precise information as to the identity of the Syrian victim in Wednesday’s shooting. The country’s Ministry of Defense has also refused comment on the Israeli spy planes, except to say that they were “on a diplomatic mission”. Meanwhile, Aliza Bin-Noun, Israel’s ambassador to Hungary, denied the Gulfstream aircraft were in any way collecting intelligence. She also alleged that the two Israeli Air Force planes were on a “routine” mission and had received permission to enter Hungarian national airspace from the Hungarian National Transport Authority. Watch this space for further updates.

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17 Responses to Another Mossad assassination, this time in Hungary?

  1. Anonymous says:


  2. JoeInVegas says:

    Did this one run back to Iran also?

  3. vanished says:

    Nice information. I bookmarked your page for further reading :) Rait Raak

  4. Man from Budapest says:

    Local media suggests that Israel may wanted to present something to Iran. Not sure what.
    BTW the Syrian was already a target for assassination in 97 and was a police mole. BTW a police general was taken to court few years back becasue accepting some “souvenirs” from the Syrian. The context then was a stock exchange manipulation case.

  5. Pál Vadász says:

    Aliza Bin-Noun is a lady ambassador.

  6. intelNews says:

    Indeed she is. Corrected. Thank you. [JF]

  7. intelNews says:

    @JoeInVegas: It is, of course, too early to do anything other than speculate. But, if the victim of the attack was associated with Hezbollah, it would be difficult for this murder not to be connected with Iranian activities, either directly or indirectly. [JF]

  8. Katie Tams says:

    Thank you for your post.. I wish i found your blog sooner. Great article

  9. Steve says:

    “Diplomatic mission” ??? Did the embassador and her staff parachute out of those planes?

  10. Man from Budapest says:

    This is how Hungarian authorities communicate about the planes:
    “We did not know about their arrival”
    “They had appropriate aviation authority approval to enter”
    “They just flew over Budapest Airport but did not touch ground”
    “They did have a few second touch down but than made a fly over immediately”

    I would not be surprised if the next version would be that the stopped for few hours.

  11. William Barnes says:

    Israel is cleaning up the mess for the entire world. When will our leaders wake up and smell the coffee?

    The Arab world is getting ready for armageddon’s day, while we’re still wasting our time on internal affairs.

  12. Legend says:

    I heard the assassinated guy was some top money exchanger.

  13. anon says:

    IsraHell got their smelly ass into everyones country.

  14. Excubitoris says:

    @William Barnes – israhell is CREATING this mess first place. I dont tell that all those muslims are angels in the heaven BUT without israhell meddling last 60 years (longer – but thats another story) it would be much easy to defend Europe from muslim invasion. We did it before – in Vienna and Malta and ….

  15. zepra says:

    the mossad behind every problom in the world.


  16. The Hungarian uprising of 1956 was a spontaneous rebellion by a nation against the rule from Moscow – against the faceless, indifferent, incompetent functionaries (the ‘funkies’ David Irving calls them, adapting the Hungarian word funkcionáriusok) who in little more than a decade had turned their country into a pit of Marxist misery. It’s time to fight.

  17. I feel moderate Muslim`s are cool people because they can still reason the Truth for themselves but a terrorist operation planning attacks on Israel is still a fair game target and deserve what they get.

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