Latest from Hungary and Turkey on Budapest assassination

Trache murder

Trache murder

Despite the overwhelming silence in Western media about last week’s suspicious murder in broad daylight of a Syrian man in Hungary, the story continues to make headlines in Israel, the Arab world, Turkey and Hungary. IntelNews reported on Friday that a Bassam Trache, a Syrian man who had lived in Hungary for 20 years, was shot dead in Budapest on Wednesday morning, as he was driving his car. Witnesses reported that the assailant stole a small black briefcase from the 52-year-old victim’s vehicle, before fleeing the scene of the crime on foot. It also emerged that, in the week prior to the mysterious shooting, Hungarian air controllers located two Israeli Gulfstream spy planes hovering over the Hungarian capital, close to the airport, where Wednesday’s shooting occurred. The revelation prompted some intelligence observers to speculate about a possible connection between Trache’s murder and the killing of Hamas operative Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in Dubai, last January. In Hungary, Trache’s assassination has become a major issue for debate, especially in light of the country’s upcoming national elections –so much so that Prime Minister Gordon Bajnai has been forced by public and media pressure to order an investigation into the activities of the Israeli airplanes. In Turkey, meanwhile, the country’s Air Forces Command confirmed that the two Israeli jets had requested and received permission to transit through Turkish airspace. However, in accordance with Turkish aeronautical regulations, the airplanes were allowed to fly through Turkey “on condition of using air corridors in Turkish airspace; of not refueling midair and of not being equipped with electronic apparatuses intended for photography, exploration and intelligence” (emphasis added). This means that, if the Israeli Gulfstream aircraft were indeed engaging in airborne surveillance, as many in Hungary suspect, they will have broken Turkish, in addition to Hungarian law.

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6 Responses to Latest from Hungary and Turkey on Budapest assassination

  1. Why The Silence form Iran?

  2. Elle says:

    This article claims that ‘Trache’s assassination has become a major issue for debate’. Well, no, it has not, not even in Hungary — at least not in the media. The only comment there (as elsewhere) is some newspapers’ insistence that the Trache assassination and the Israeli spy jets’ incursion are not related. The enquiry to which this article refers is into the circumstances of the granting of the permit for the incursion.

  3. Roland says:

    I beg to differ with previous poster. Theres plenty of discussion about this, especially if you read newspapers that are not in favour of the government!

  4. Elle says:

    Roland, I wish you would point me to some of those newspapers. I cannot find any. You might be interested in Wayne Madsen’s take on this situation:

  5. Barry says:

    obviously, Israel is the only country in the entire world that would kill an Arab in Hungary. or get it right.
    Arab countries and organizations are peace loving in all areas of politics and business.

  6. And still, no connection to Iran.

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