News you may have missed #368 (Gaza flotilla edition V)

  • Israelis sabotaged flotilla ships before departure. Israel gave strong indications today that its forces had secretly sabotaged some of the ships bound for Gaza as part of the Gaza Freedom Flotilla. Comments to that effect by Israeli deputy defense minister Matan Vilnai appeared to dovetail with reports that two of the vessels malfunctioned at the same time and in the same way.
  • Activist website downed before Israeli attack on flotilla. The online home of the Humanitarian Aid Foundation (İHH), one of the organizers of a convoy of six aid vessels bound for the Gaza Strip, was hit by a denial-of-service (DoS) attack moments before the Israel military brutally attacked the convoy in international waters on Monday.

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6 Responses to News you may have missed #368 (Gaza flotilla edition V)

  1. fred lapides says:

    that group is “humanitarian”? wow. and they sailed (40 of them) sans passports and IDs? doesn’t that suggest something to you?

  2. #Flotilla
    dead “extremely religious”,some with ties to radical Islam #Israel #jcot
    #tcot #Gaza , This is a real Good Post and amid others that say that The Flotilla’s at one Site in the Launch from one flotilla in particular that when the Israeli Helicopter was dropping a support detail into the flotilla that Hamas agents were trying to beat kick and stab as well as shoot the Israeli’s Naval personnel that were trying to rescue them. Then in the same report they[Israeli’s] arrested a Top Hamas Leader of their Military and another Militant that were secretly trying to get inside of Israel, which the whole flotilla campaign was designed to smuggle in the Hams Operators into Israel to start with. But as it turned out the Israeli’s were blamed immediately as the Screw ups of these Terrorists were compromised and made the Terrorists look like fools again. If the Terrorists looked so ingenious that they invincible they would be winning the War against Israel a long time ago. Islam was punished after WWII for Empowering Hitler’s Genocide of Israeli’s at The Gas Chambers and now they are trying to do it again, but failing fast.

  3. MacGregor says:

    “was hit by a denial-of-service (DoS) attack moments before the Israel military brutally attacked the convoy in international waters on Monday.”
    Picked sides have we. Why was there only a fight on one of the ships? Why were the militants armed, have gas masks, and cash in their pockets? Why did the Free Gaza Movements spokeswoman state that this wasnt about aid at all, it was about invading and breaking the existing and much needed blockade?

  4. Ricki says:

    It’s nice to accuse people of having “picked sides” by someone who links their name to a blog called “threeconservativebros”… It is also interesting to see the supporters of the IDF, which shot to death nine civilians, of accusing THE VICTIMS of being armed. But, to address the only serious part of your post, it is obvious even to an idiot that the flotilla was not so much about aid, as about challenging the Israeli/Egyptian embargo, which most of the world, including the United Nations and the United States considers to be illegal or unsustainable. Enjoy your sleep.

  5. MacGregor says:

    Typically Espousing Conservative Americans values has nothing to do with support or lack thereof for Israel. Remember 78% of American Jews voted Democratic. So what’s ur point exactly?

    Do you believe guns are the only weapons? Do you believe th already discredited claims of the IDF rappelling down the rope with guns already shooting?

    Sorry, but IHH’s spokesman stated that this was only about providing aid, as did many of the flotilla members. Are you ready to denounce them as liars?

    Neither considers them illegal, but yes, just recently a white house aid called the limited blockade “untenable.” The fact that the UN ,which is ardently anti-Israeli to the bone and made up largely by unfree theorcracies, calls the blockade a “medieval siege” actually gives credence to the Israeli/Egyptian tactics.. At least it does to the rational.
    Tell me then my friend, what should Israel do to protect her borders and citizens?
    Ill thank you now for the nonresponse to all of my queries.

  6. MacGregor says:

    Ricky, also i used the quote because of the terminology the writer used.
    “before the Israel military brutally attacked the convoy in international waters ”
    This quote misstates what actually happened and only spreads moronic propaganda to simple minds. Shoulds Israel have handled the situation much better? Yes, but phrasing it this way tips their Jew Hating Hands.

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