Russia, Romania, expel diplomats in spy tit-for-tat

Gabriel Grecu

Gabriel Grecu

The Russian and Romanian governments have expelled each other’s diplomats in a spy scandal that made headlines in both countries last week. The spy affair began last Monday, August 16, when Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) announced the arrest of a Romanian diplomatic official, who was allegedly caught in the act of espionage. The official was later named as Gabriel Grecu, who was First Secretary of the Political Department of the Romanian embassy in Moscow. According to a laconic FSB press release, Grecu was detained while “attempting to solicit classified military information from a Russian national”. According to Russian media, the Romanian official was found “in possession of various pieces of espionage equipment”. He was interrogated for several hours by FSB personnel before being released on condition of leaving Russia within 48 hours. Moscow has not yet revealed the identity of the Russian national, who was also detained. The Romanian government refused comment on Grecu’s arrest. But two days later, on Wednesday, August 18, Bucharest named Russian diplomat Anatoly Akopov persona non grata, and gave him 48 hours to leave the country. Romanian authorities said Akopov, who was First Secretary of the embassy of the Russian Federation in Bucharest, was in fact an FSB agent who engaged in espionage. Earlier this summer, a Romanian court imposed heavy prison sentences to a Romanian and a Bulgarian citizen for passing classified information to Ukraine.

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