Taliban operate ‘very extensive’ spy network in British Afghan bases

Richard Kemp

Richard Kemp

By IAN ALLEN | intelNews.org |
The former head of British troops in Afghanistan has warned that the Taliban are gathering intelligence from a “very, very extensive network of intelligence” operating inside British military bases in the Central Asian country. Colonel Richard J. Kemp, who was Commander of British Forces in Afghanistan in 2003, said the spy network includes “sources in many places” throughout the country, such as NATO military bases and Afghan security forces outposts. He also told Britain’s Daily Telegraph that the network is so effective that it tends to possess more information about the itineraries of foreign officials visiting Afghanistan than Western diplomats, NATO or Afghan military commanders realize. Colonel Kemp was speaking in light of an extensive review of security protocols, ordered by the British government, after it became known that the Taliban were planning to kill British Prime Minister David Cameron during his ‘surprise visit’ to Afghanistan last June. Specifically, on June 10, the British leader’s party was being transported through Afghanistan’s Helmand province, in two Chinook helicopters, on their way to British-operated Patrol Base Shahzad, in Lashkar Gar. But in late afternoon, British intelligence officials aborted the trip, on fears that the Taliban were aware of Mr. Cameron’s precise itinerary. According to intelligence reports, Taliban operatives even knew which of the two Chinooks carried the British Prime Minister. No attack took place, and Mr. Cameron was only told that the mission was aborted once the two helicopters reached their alternative destination.

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4 Responses to Taliban operate ‘very extensive’ spy network in British Afghan bases

  1. We need to squeeze Karai rreal hard and secure this. It also sounds like the same Intel Operation that killed the C.I.A. Operations back in the spring too. That will happen again along wiith others if this does not happen soon.

  2. If the Afghanis are prepared to support the Taliban like this what chance of ‘victory’?
    The lessons of all previous Afghan wars go unlearned.

  3. Qurat says:

    Why can’t the Americans or Nato forces train Afghani spies to track down the Taliban?

  4. Richard Tebboth says:

    Read Winston Churchill from 1897 – The Story of the Malakand Field Force.
    The situation he described is little changed; we are the ‘insurgents’; you can keep bribing them but you cannot buy them.

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