CIA spies consider Mossad ‘most unfriendly’ agency

Mossad seal

Mossad seal

This blog frequently considers the issue of US-Israeli intelligence relations, said to be undergoing a turbulent period in recent times. Indeed, the change of guard at the White House, the rearrangement of Washington’s policy priorities following the economic crash, as well as the dramatic rightwing shift in Israeli politics have rapidly altered the political playing field between the two nations. To this extent, it is worth noting that Meir Dagan, director of Israeli intelligence agency Mossad, told a Knesset committee last July that “Israel is gradually turning from an asset to the United States to a burden”. How is this evident in intelligence relations between Washington and Tel Aviv? The Washington Post’s security correspondent Jeff Stein may be able to help fill in the picture. He wrote a few days ago that an internal poll, which was recently administered to CIA operatives, found that Israeli intelligence agencies are considered the world’s least friendly and most uncooperative with their US counterparts. The survey, which was administered primarily to personnel within the Agency’s National Clandestine Service (which handles actual spies on the ground), also revealed that Israeli spy services are the world’s third most aggressive in their operations on American soil. In fact, the only intelligence agencies considered more aggressive than Israel’s in the survey were those of China and Russia. Stein spoke with retired CIA and FBI officials, who told him that Israeli agencies are indeed “all over the place” in the US, and that they have been “called on the carpet [by FBI counterintelligence] more than any other country by probably a factor of three times as often”. The Washington Post correspondent attempted to contact a spokesperson at Israel’s embassy in Washington DC, but it appears that nobody could be “immediately reached for comment”.

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3 Responses to CIA spies consider Mossad ‘most unfriendly’ agency

  1. But, but, but…

    “US President Barack Obama and myself know that the U.S. has no better friend in the community of nations than Israel.”
    – U.S. Vice President Joseph Biden at Tel Aviv University
    Thursday 11th March 2010

  2. Armageddon Thru To You says:

    I’m glad the Mossad does not trust the USA. We’re untrustworthy, Anti Judeo-Christian, and fawning over Muslims.

  3. Chris says:

    Two very worthy reads on the subject of Mossad are Victor Ostrovsky’s “BY WAY OF DECEPTION”, and “THE OTHER SIDE OF DECEPTION”; very clear INTEL on their methods and goals.

    Anyone who doesn’t study Ysra’el intensely, will be VERY misled as to their ACTUAL ethics and thinking. Of course, as Victor proves, there ARE two factions wrestling with one another for controlling interests in Mossad, the CENTER LEFT more Liberal group, and then there’s the VERY FAR RIGHT group who are wholly interested in maintaining Ysra’els interests, regardless of who suffers. It’s a pretty sordid mess, frankly. Zionism is NO PARTNER OR FRIEND to ANY one outside of it’s nest…to underestimate the truth of that statement is to suffer both humiliation, as well as other loss. Guaranteed!

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