Israel silent on alleged Mossad spy ring uncovered in Egypt [updated]

Mossad seal

Mossad seal

Israeli government officials have refused comment on charges announced yesterday against an alleged Mossad spy ring in neighboring Egypt. Less than a week after the discovery of what appear to be Israeli surveillance devices hidden in the mountains around Lebanese capital Beirut, two Israelis have been charged with espionage by the Egyptian government and are reportedly on the run. (Update: the names of the two Israelis, as reported on their arrest warrants, are Joseph Daymour and Idid Moushay). A third member of the alleged ring, Egyptian businessman Tareq Abdel Razeq Hussein Hassan, 37, will be facing similar charges in court soon, according to Egypt’s State Prosecutor Hisham Badawi. According to Badawi, Hassan set up an import-export business in Egypt to act as a front company, under instructions by Israeli intelligence agency Mossad, after he met with Mossad officers in Thailand in 2007. He then allegedly used his company regional business activities as an alibi in order to travel to Syria and Lebanon and establish close contacts with telecommunications personnel throughout the region, in exchange for money from the Israelis. Depending on the news source, it is reported that Hassan was secretly detained by Egyptian counterintelligence forces in either May of August of this year. Egyptian officials have told reporters that Cairo plans to try in absentia Hassan’s two Israeli handlers, who managed to escape and are currently being wanted by Interpol. The date for Hassan’s trial has not yet been announced.

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6 Responses to Israel silent on alleged Mossad spy ring uncovered in Egypt [updated]

  1. John David Galt says:

    I find it highly amusing that the “Palestinians” suffer from the same problem the Jews themselves have faced for 2000 years: the fact that, because they consider themselves to be a “nation in exile” rather than a former nation, its people are not really citizens of the countries they live in, and for that reason, no country wants them.

    When the “Palestinians” realize that this attitude is what’s holding them back, perhaps they’ll develop some empathy and understand that their “friends” aren’t really friends at all, but are using them.

  2. [edited. This is not a forum for deranged religious comments. Seek this elsewhere. –IA]

  3. Leave a Reply says:

    This ain’t religious philosophy nor demographic sociology forum….
    Please keep you comment at the professional level.

  4. [edited: every time you post here in all-caps, your messages will be deleted. Period –IA].

  5. Well said John;

    Until 1967, all the “Palestinians” considered themselves mostly Jordanians. Some Lebanese and others Syrians and Egyptians. After the Israelis reclaimed the rest of Jerusalem, which was rightly theirs anyway. All these countries stripped them of their citizen status, labelled the refugees and refused to take care of them. Even though only about 5,000 lived in Jerusalem.

    Not to mentions that the vast majority of Arabs, some estimates I have read put the number at 98%, but never lower then 92% of all Arabs living in British Palestine, moved there from about 8 different Arab countries. They went because their countries had horrible economies, which most non major oil producing states have, and with the British their, there was prospects for jobs. The over 100,000 jews that were living there before, during and after British rule. Most arabs forget that during the crusades in the 11th, 12th, 13th centuries, Jews were the driving force in expelling the Catholici crusaders. You find this by reading the diaries of rich knights fighting the crusades. Their journals have filled with things about the ferociousness of the Jewish combatants, and how much harder they fought while defending their holy sites.

    History, and learning it, will not only stop you from embarrassing yourself, but you will find the connection to people, events and places. With this knowledge you see the truth in the propaganda that is the main stream media.

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