Egypt busts alleged Israeli spy ring



Authorities in Egypt announced Wednesday that they uncovered an espionage network, which they accuse of spying on the country on behalf of Israel. According to Egyptian newspaper Al-Masry al-Youm, which cited “informed security sources”, the alleged ring consisted of one Egyptian and several Israeli citizens, at least two of whom have been arrested. Other sources, however, state that the entire spy ring has been captured by Egyptian counterintelligence. The paper says that one of the detained Israelis entered Egypt in late January, carrying Jordanian travel documents and posing as a business executive interested in investing in the country. Al-Ahram has published a follow-up report suggesting that the alleged spy ring specialized on collecting information relating to the Egyptian military. The report also claims that the carrier of the Jordanian passport admitted before Egypt’s state prosecutor that he spied for the Mossad, Israel’s primary external intelligence agency. Al-Masry states that the alleged spy ring began its operations in Egypt following the January 25 revolution, with the aim of passing on information to Tel Aviv about the handover of power from the clique of former President Hosni Mubarak to Egypt’s military leadership, which has controlled the government since Mubarak’s ouster. This is the first public espionage confrontation between Egypt and Israel since the Egyptian revolution, though it is by no means unique in recent months. In December of last year, two Israelis, Joseph Daymour and Idid Moushay, were charged with espionage by the Egyptian government, but reportedly managed to escape. Another member of that spy ring, Egyptian Tareq Abdel Razeq Hussein Hassan, was captured and tried. He was also said to be posing as an entrepreneur, involved in import-export business.

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