CIA behind ‘illegal’ anti-drug operation in Costa Rica

Costa Rica

Costa Rica

An espionage operation against drug trafficking by a mysterious unit within the Costa Rican intelligence service was organized and funded by the US Central Intelligence Agency, it has been alleged. The operation, codenamed CINEC, was revealed by Costa Rica’s former Minister of Public Security, Rogelio Ramos, in an interview earlier this week with the country’s leading newspaper, La Nación. Ramos told the newspaper that CINEC was conducted for a period of ten years by a group of “special agents” operating out of the Dirección de Inteligencia Seguridad (DIS), Costa Rica’s intelligence agency. The former government minister said CINEC members were stationed in houses throughout the country that were leased by front-companies operating on behalf of the CIA, and that they used equipment, including vehicles, supplied by the US agency. He also said that CINEC operatives were recruited, vetted, administered polygraph tests, and trained by the CIA. According to the Nación article, Ramos said that operation CINEC included activities that “are not legal”. Although he did not specify the nature of the alleged activities, several observers assume they included unauthorized communications interception (wiretapping) or surreptitious accessing of bank account information. The paper also interviewed the former DIS Director Roberto Solórzano, who confirmed the existence of CINEC, but denied that its activities included “political policing”, and claimed that “the DIS does not possess the ability to conduct wiretaps […] it does not possess the [required] equipment”. Interestingly, La Nación contacted Ramos’ successor in the Security Ministry, who claimed he was “completely unaware of the alleged existence of any program called CINEC”. The paper says it also tried to interview officials at the US embassy in San José, but that it has received no response.

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3 Responses to CIA behind ‘illegal’ anti-drug operation in Costa Rica

  1. Catherine Austin Fitts (former investment banker and HUD official under Reagan) talks about government narcotics trafficking starting around 1913 (see – modeled on the British use of opium to colonize China and India. She says this related to a plan to shift from a government owned bank to a Federal Reserve (where the government borrows the money it spends from private banks). She says the role of the narcotics trafficking is to contain the government debt that results (we have had a national debt continuously since 1913). She also says this was the main reason marijuana, cocaine, and opium derivatives were made illegal in 1913 – you can only profit from narcotics trafficking if you create a black market for the stuff.

    In my recent memoir THE MOST REVOLUTIONARY ACT: MEMOIR OF AN AMERICAN REFUGEE (, I write about my own scary encounter with street level government informant types who were dealing drugs in Seattle’s senior subsidized housing buildings. I currently live in exile in New Zealand.

  2. max says:

    Thanks for your enlightening expose on the root causes of narcotics trafficking, Dr. Bramhall. Somehow I always knew it must have been Reagan’s fault. I mean really, which problems today aren’t a result of ruthless capitalist exploitation of the proletariat?

    Nice tie-in with central banking too, we are doing it all wrong with private banking. The Soviet and Chicom model for monetary policy is obviously superior.

  3. Joshua Engelman says:

    Max, you appear to fail to realize that most modern terrorist groups are financed by drug trafficking. And please, read a little history about the fall of the Soviet Union. I’m Russian, but please understand that it was not perfect in any way.

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