CIA losing scores of officers to private sector, report finds



An extensive report on intelligence outsourcing in the United States has revealed that dozens of senior CIA officials have migrated to the private sector in the years since 9/11, usually taking with them decades of experience and training, paid for by the US taxpayer. Most of these upper-level officials, which number nearly 100 since 2001, have assumed lucrative posts in private intelligence firms and security consultants, often making significantly more than they could ever make working at the CIA. According to The Washington Post, which compiled the report, the decision to leave the CIA for the private sector is usually based on strictly financial grounds. But private contractors view these officials as invaluable intermediaries in their effort to gain access to government contracts, which have increased exponentially in number and monetary value in recent times. As a result, three CIA Directors, four Deputy Directors for Operations, three Counterterrorism Center Directors, as well as all five of the CIA’s Division Heads have been lured by private sector intelligence contractors since 9/11. And the trend does not appear to be slowing down: today, after the tidal wave of migration from the CIA to intelligence contractors, which peaked from 2002 to 2007, over a third of the US intelligence community’s workforce is outsourced to the private sector. According to The Post, of 854,000 Americans with top-secret clearances, 265,000 are employees of private contractors. Speaking to the paper, CIA spokesman George Little denied that the quality of the CIA’s output has suffered as a result of outsourcing, and said that “any suggestion that there isn’t world-class, senior expertise at the CIA is flat wrong”.

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9 Responses to CIA losing scores of officers to private sector, report finds

  1. David Fulton says:

    I won’t waste much time here,because it seems that when I post,the ANTI GENTILE ADL ,refers to exposure of Treason by Talmudic Jews (That are not Semitic) as Anti Semitic.The ADL seems Hell Bent on protecting Mossad operations / operatives.This allows the continued looting of U.S. Trillions,that just happen to end up in Israeli banks,the ADL’s masters.Some of that money is used to purchase U.S. elections,by fattening the coffers of politicians that will do the bidding of the AIPAC agenda.I won’t write what I need to,because ADL will not allow you to receive info ,that will save our country / government from being served up to Israel.,,,,,,,,,,,Anti Semite,Anti Semite,Holacaust this,Holacaust that,You want another Holacaust? Anti Semitic,we will sue you for Anti Semitism with our extremely powerful lawyers.,,,,,,,,,,,,,The Russian Mob (A Talmudic Mafia),is the most ruthless,the most powerful,organized crime network in the world.,,,,,,,,,Here is a quote from an FBI audio surveillance tape,captured from John Gotti,”We Italians will kill you,but those Russians are crazy.They will kill you & your family”.,,,,,,,,,,,A quote from George Tennent (Jew) on the day of 911,”The new boss of the CIA,is Israel”.

  2. fred lapides says:

    what a fucking deranged response that has nothing to do with the post. the training of intel folks who then cross the street and work for private firms is the issue and not Israel or the Mossad etc.

    Does the US spy on Israel? Is Israel the only country that has spies? How many nations do we spy upon?

    This commenter has a heap of problems.

  3. David Fulton says:

    PAL,it’s one in the same.see me on ‘MY SPACE’.I can not say what I would like, about privatization.I know too much & my post will be removed..The FBI has hung up on me every time I mention Wrong doing (TREASON) by BOOZE ALLEN / WOOLSEY /ZAKHEIM /IN Q-TEL / NSA Q-GROUP / DUPONT / COCA COLA /KBR / SAIC / TITAN / CARLYLE / DYNcorp / BECHTEL / PNAC signatories /BOEING / LOCKHEED / AMDOCS / COMVERSE /ITRR /etc.,ad infinitum…DAVID

  4. intelNews says:

    To David Fulton: Consider this a final warning and invitation to respect this blog’s mission. Should you insist on expounding your deranged views on Talmudic conspiracies and the like, or if you continue to use this blog solely as a platform to direct readers to your website, your posts will be deleted, without exception or warning. [IA]

  5. TonyS317 says:

    “PMCs” are growing at such an alarming rate it is alarming. PMCs are estimated to be a 100billion dollar industry. Governments killing, attacking, spying on or ‘assaulting’ citizens & counties is ‘spooky'(get it) enough. PMCs which failed missions before Iraq were given hundred million dollar contracts. Countries PMCs were supposed to be ‘defending’ are the ones begging for the sponsoring nations to remove them! While such industries operate outside the USA I think those who understands knows without the sponsorship, support & marketing by the USA it simply would not be “main stream” today. It is eerie to think ‘these’ people do what they do solely because they are money motivated, like a modern salesperson.

    As mentioned governments around the world are already involved in military actions. Legal, illegal or questionable the cost is tens of trillions. The leader of this strange cult is the USA. Despite the fact we have a trillion dollar deficit some sick & demented motivation pushes US to continue. PMCs will be the first global quadrillion dollar industry. If it does not worry you people do the sorts of things “these” people do for money rather than pride, passion, honor for citizens/country they you are just as strange as David.

    I do not want to be part of this collateral damage. An industry dependent on on terror & violence, the more the better, should not exist.

    I do not think governments always do it better. However, I still believe this is a legitimate reason for skepticism/concern.

    Or am I mistaken?
    *I use the term pmc VERY broadly – yes I know

  6. TonyS317 says:

    It comes down to this. In the “free” markets which exist today corporations do not and can not put the interests of consumers over profit (stock holders) – their existence. Corporate militaries (or ‘military corporations’) make me nervous for that ther’ reason.

    I see some benefit sure. But, the world, I believe mostly the USA, rushed into this thing without consideration of the bad.

  7. Joshua Engelman says:

    In response to the above worries, I would have to disagree. We’ve used mercs since the Revolution, specifically soldiers loaned from the French Foreign Legion. While many of the modern contractors are corrupt, this is not enough to condemn the entire industry. Second, US intelligence law forbids the government from using private citizens as covert operatives, though this is basically ignored. The issue here really is more about legal definitions. The current ban on assassinations comes from Reagan’s Executive Order 1233, which states ” No person employed by or acting on behalf of the United States Government shall engage in, or conspire to engage in, assassination.” However, we are not signors to the International Mercenary Ban of 1989, and such people do not fall under the United States Code of Military Justice. While such killings are unpleasant, because we are losing so many operatives to the private sector anyway, we require an increase in wet work assets to perform unpleasant but necessary work

  8. David Fulton says:

    I have very engaging conversations with career personel from the intelligence community (People from corporations,that are now in National Security meetings,also people working under the DIA.) everyday.When they have disagreed with me,I just point them in the direction of my info.I have been right,in the overwelming majority of instances.The message I’m given is,that they know I am right,but it is career suicide not to acquiece to the will of the Green Badgers (Private Intel Contractors)…….Let us begin your education : Do a search for who profited from the events of 911.Zakheim,Woolsey,Chertoff,Bush,Cheney,Hayden,Mukasey,Woolfowitz,Pearl,Christol,Zelicow,etc.,mix those names with words like : Intelligence Contracts,Israeli Contracts,Russian Mafia,Treason,Rothschild,Mossad,Talmudic,False Flag,Israel,911 money,Israeli Banks,Theft,,Jewish Mafia,Torture,Heroin,etc..You get the idea.Do a search for :Boeing,DYNcor,Lockheed,SAIC,Titan,Dupont,IN Q-TEL,KBR,Black Water,Global-X,CARLYLE,Errickson,etc.,& mix in those words I previously mentioned……………….Now I’ll write another post,so if it gets taken down,this info isn’t taken down with it.

  9. David Fulton says:

    X-Nebraska Senator John de Camp (Authored ‘The Franklin Cover Up’) ,X-DCI William Colby (They killed him.),X-FBI Supervisor Ted Gunderson,& X-MONARCH / CIA Operative Cathy O’Brien’s assertions ,will back up my own assertions.The registered owner of the vehicle bearing Nebraska registration ; ‘JNKYDOG’ ,(As in ‘Junk Yard Dog”) .Same vehicle has ‘Depatrment of Defense’ ,registration ; ‘M1K-OQ3’ ,SUBASE NLON CT ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,This man was sent to silence me.He is the same man that was sent to silence Cathy O’Brien (In Nebraska or Utah).This has to do with the ‘Franklin Cover Up’, & led to the Privatization of our National Security Interest.I have photos of his vehicle ,parked directly in front of my first floor hotel room’s window.Under his command,was the driver of a vehicle with a New York registration ; ‘FEW-6662’ ,(666,as in “Mark of The Beast” = Satan).This man is from DELTA SOF,Camp Drum.His underling had the New York registration ; ‘FEW-3332’ , (333,as in Satan’s Protoge).I have photos of these cars & many others.Colonel Buck at the Pentagon’s DIA office ,cut of my communications to himself,after 1 1/2 year,of access………This was immediately after I implied that he may be making sure the info I was providing,never reached the ears of those willing to call for accountability,& that I believed he was most likely a Bush SHILL,concerned with covering up criminal wrong doing, a dire threat to National Security.

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