News you may have missed #554

Bat Khurts

Bat Khurts

►►UK and US tried to delay Pakistan nuclear weapons program. We have written before about attempts by the CIA to delay or stop Pakistan’s nuclear program. Now newly declassified documents show that the United States and Great Britain undertook a coordinated secret diplomatic campaign between 1978 and 1981 to prevent Pakistan’s attempted covert purchasing of “gray area” technology for its nuclear weapons program.
►►FBI monitoring new phone technologies. According to an internal FBI document, obtained by the Federation of American Scientists through a FOIA request, the FBI continuously monitors the surveillance challenges posed by new mobile phone technologies. The document highlights the Bureau’s concerns that that 4G will require agencies to “deal with significantly higher data rates than in current wireless network intercepts”.
►►Mongolian ex-spy chief to be extradited to Germany. Britain has decided to extradite Bat Khurts, former director of the General Intelligence Agency of Mongolia, to Germany. Once there, Khurts will face charges of organizing the kidnapping of Enkhbat Damiran, a Mongolian refugee, who was wanted in Ulaanbaatar in connection with the murder of Zorig Sanjaasürengiin, Mongolia’s former Minister of Infrastructure. Enkhbat was kidnapped in Paris, France, and then illegally renditioned to the Mongolian embassy in Berlin, Germany, before being transported through Belgium to Mongolia, where he was allegedly tortured. The Mongolian government apologized for the kidnapping to the French, German and Belgian governments, but the case has sparked a diplomatic war between the European countries and Mongolia. The Mongolian government accuses the British intelligence services of luring Khurts to London, where he was arrested in September 2010.

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