Video of Chinese general’s espionage lecture leaked onto YouTube

Jin Yinan

Jin Yinan

Video footage of a lecture on recent espionage incidents against China, delivered before a vetted audience by a senior Chinese military official, has been leaked to online video sites, including YouTube. The lecturer has been identified as Major General Jin Yinan, and the location appears to be one of the main lecture halls at China’s National Defense University (NDU) in Beijing. Administered by the Central Committee of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA), NDU is China’s equivalent of the United States’ West Point Military Academy. The precise date of the venue cannot be verified, though it appears to have been intended as a cautionary lesson for NDU students, on the fate that awaits Chinese officials spying against their country. In the video, General Jin laments the fact that too many Chinese Communist Party members have “become decadent” and have succumbed to selling classified national secrets to foreign adversaries. He also discusses several recent cases of espionage against China, including that of Xu Junping, a senior colonel in the PLA, who defected to the United States in December of 2000. The speaker also mentions the case of Tong Daning, a Social Security Department economist who was executed in 2006 for sharing classified Chinese economic data with Taiwanese intelligence operatives. But the primary revelations of the speech concern the cases of Li Bin and Kang Rixin, which General Jin addresses in detail. Li Bin was arrested during his tenure as China’s Ambassador to South Korea, and was eventually sentenced to a seven-year prison term for corruption. But General Jin discloses in his speech that the Ambassador was arrested for selling classified information to South Korean intelligence, and that the Chinese prosecutors decided to bring him up on corruption charges, to “avoid embarrassing [our] country”. In a more recent ‘corruption’ case, Kang Rixin, who directed China’s nuclear power program, was given a life sentence in 2010 for taking bribes from foreign companies. But according General Jin, Kang had actually sold classified information about China’s nuclear energy program to “agents of a foreign country”. Just as in the case of Li Bin, Kang was tried on corruption charges, in order to “avoid embarrassment”, says General Jin. The New Yorker’s Evan Osmos correctly notes that, if General Jin’s allegations are true, they would make Kang one of China’s highest-ranking government officials ever to have been caught spying for a foreign country.

One Response to Video of Chinese general’s espionage lecture leaked onto YouTube

  1. Kidd says:

    most sellers of secrets, are in it for the money and not some ideological frame of mind.

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