More Arabs want to work for Mossad, says Israeli Foreign Ministry

Ahmed Jamal Daif

Ahmed Jamal Daif

The unprecedented political changes in the Arab world have generated a flurry of electronic correspondence between young Arabs and the Israeli government, according to Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Israeli officials say that the lifting of Internet restrictions in much of the Arab world has allowed young people to access the Israeli government’s Arabic-language websites and social networking sites. This has facilitated “thousands of messages […] with words of praise, requests for asylum […], and even offers [by young Arabs] to serve in the [Israel Defense Forces] and Mossad”. In a carefully coordinated public relations campaign, the Ministry voluntarily released on Monday some anonymous messages —allegedly from Arabs and Iranians— to Israel’s Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper, which leans politically toward Israel’s center-right Kadima party. In one message, an Iraqi computer technician wrote to request political asylum, adding that Israel is the Middle East’s “only country that respects personal freedom”. In another released message, an Iranian Muslim expressed the will to resettle in Israel, because its population is “the strongest and most cultured in the region”. The story in Yedioth Ahronoth includes comments by the Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman Paul Hirschson, who argues that the flood of electronic correspondence from the Muslim world “is illustrative of the fact that across the Middle East there are people who hold Israel in far higher regard than is presumed”. Hirschson added that some of the electronic messages have come from “from Arab politicians and officials”. In a related development, security authorities in Lebanon announced yesterday the arrest of three individuals on suspicion of spying for Israel. According to news reports in Lebanon and Israel, the arrestees include an unnamed citizen of Egypt and his wife, as well as a 33-year-old Arab-Israeli who was captured near the southern Lebanese town of Naqoura. The man, who has been identified as Ahmed Jamal Daif (pictured), of Ara, Israel, was found in a diving suit and appeared to have entered Lebanon from Israel via the sea. He could not explain why he entered Lebanon illegally.

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