Israeli Mossad training Iranian exiles in Kurdistan: French newspaper

Predomiantly Kurdish Middle East regionsBy JOSEPH FITSANAKIS | |
A leading French newspaper has claimed that Israeli intelligence agents are recruiting and training Iranian dissidents in clandestine bases located in Iraq’s Kurdish region. Paris-based daily Le Figaro, France’s second-largest national newspaper, cited a “security source in Baghdad”, who alleged that members of Israeli intelligence are currently operating in Iraq’s autonomous northern Kurdish region. According to the anonymous source, the Israelis, who are members of the Mossad, Israel’s foremost external intelligence agency, are actively recruiting Iranian exiles in Kurdistan. Many of these Iranian assets, who are members of Iran’s Kurdish minority and opposed to the Iranian regime, are allegedly being trained by the Mossad in spy-craft and sabotage. The article in Le Figaro claims that the Iranian assets are being prepared for conducting operations inside the energy-rich country, as part of Israel’s undercover intelligence war against Iran’s nuclear energy program. The Baghdad source told the French daily that part of Israel’s sabotage program against sensitive Iranian nuclear facilities, which includes targeted assassinations of Iranian nuclear experts, is directed out of the autonomous region of Iraqi Kurdistan, “where [Mossad] agents have stepped up their penetration”. For this, “the Israelis are using Kurdish oppositionists to the regime in Iran, who are living are refugees in the Kurdish regions of Iraq”, the source told Le Figaro. Although the article makes no mention of official or unofficial sanction of the Israeli operations by the Iraqi Kurdish authorities, it implies that the alleged Mossad activities are an open secret in Iraqi Kurdistan. This is not the first time that allegations have surfaced in the international press about Israeli intelligence activities in Kurdistan. In 2006, the BBC flagship investigative television program Newsnight obtained strong evidence of Israeli operatives providing military training to Kurdish militia members. The program aired video footage showing Israeli expects drilling members of Kurdish armed groups in shooting techniques and guerrilla tactics. The Israeli government denied having authorized any such training, while Iraqi Kurdish officials refused to comment on the report. But Israeli security experts told the BBC that it would be virtually impossible for Israeli trainers to operate inside Iraqi Kurdistan “without the knowledge of the Kurdish authorities”. More recently, in September of 2010, the government of Lebanon arrested three Kurds in Jounieh, a coastal town 15 kilometers north of Beirut, which it accused of working for Israeli intelligence. All three were members of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), a secessionist armed group fighting for an independent Kurdish homeland in Turkey’s far-eastern Anatolia region.

13 Responses to Israeli Mossad training Iranian exiles in Kurdistan: French newspaper

  1. :ChrisYAHanWatcher4YAH: says:

    The Israelli Mossad has Been: Training AMERICAN Law Enforcement, Public Servants, in the Pallestinian Abuse , and INTIMIDATION tactics, that We’ve seen practiced, ad infinitum, on O.W.S. this past Few Months. Macing into Oblivion, [Torture with BioWeapons of Mass Destruction,] as well as Breaking Arms, Kicking OUT Teeth, Target Prctice on Veterans FACES, and MURDER; as well as Other Public Service Skills, from the Mossad, hardly seem appropriate, In once Free America?
    If this IS the NEW WORLD ORDER; Count Me OUT!
    It seems bad enough the F.B.I. Trained, aided and abbetted: Entrapped Mentally deficient; POSED and Ensnared TERRORISTS, while the T.S.A. Sexually abuses Molests Steals and Humiliates: Grandma and little Children: Their So Brave and Professionally abusive Too !
    Aren’t WE fortunate, to have such Militarily TRAINED by Mossaod Specialist; to PROTECT and SERVE ? hmmmph

  2. Ziporay says:

    Oh my. Do you, ChrisYAHaaanWatcher4YAH have a bee in your bonnet or what? Would you prefer to be taken over by the Islamic terrorists? You should thank your lucky stars the Israelis are willing to risk their lives to keep the free world free of these hallucinating 6th Century vermin in Iran and similar countries.

  3. Flerg says:

    Haha, Israelis risking their lives ? Those bloodthirsty ghouls only risk other peoples’ lives.

  4. cysix says:

    Don’t forget there are a very large number of private contractors working throughout the region of varying nationality

  5. Nothing will be done without Barzani and Talabani Permission in Kurdistan

    The report in the Le Figaro below meaning more Kurds will be executed in Iran. Iraqi Government loyal to Islamic Republic of Iran is going to take revenge on Barzani and Talabani soon.

    For sure Talabani is blaming Barzani for Israeli activity in KRG area. Talabani is working with Iran on one hand and in other hand he do not want to lose the US and Israel support too.

    “Le Figaro: Israel’s Mossad recruiting Iranian dissidents to work against Tehran
    French report quotes security sources in Baghdad as saying that Israel is training Iranians in Iraq’s Kurdish region to operate against Ayatollah regime.”

    This kind of war is not going to stop Iran of “Atomic Bomb Making”, it can delay few months here and there, and the program can be run by technician now because of the progress they made so far.

    Iran can hire Korean, Chinese and Russian scientist to do the job. It is wrong policy to kill Iranian scientist. The animosity between Israeli and Persian of Iran will be deepening by killing.

    Hamma Mirwaisi
    Member of the Kurdistan National Congress (KNK),
    Representative of KNK in America
    And the author of the book, “Return of the Medes”.

  6. K M says:

    Mossad is probably only training the Communist PKK the other groups are islamists and would shoot themselves before helping Mossad

  7. K M says:

    Israel is also running a false flag op training jundullah see:

  8. Iran furious at Barzani and Talabani because of this report

    Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI) did not waste time after the report by Le Figaro to release the book regarding Barzani and Talabani connection to SAVAK (National Intelligence and Security Organization of Iran during Shah’s era).

    IRI supporter in Iraq are united to fight Kurds especially Barzani family because they think that Barzani is much closer to Israel than Talabani family. It is showing that Talabani playing equally with both Iran and Israel while showing that Barzani more loyal to Israel than Iran.

    Barzani is afraid to attend meeting with Iraqi leaders in Baghdad while Talabani went back to Baghdad.
    Talabani’s connection to IRI must be questionable by Israel now. His son marriage to Jewish girl is not going to help him with Israeli side now. What kind of information Talabani is giving IRI about the US and Israeli activities in Kurdistan region of Iraq to be trusted more than Barzani family by the current IRI intelligent services Savama (National Intelligence and Security Organization of Iran during Islamic Republic of Iran’s era).

    Hamma Mirwaisi
    Member of the Kurdistan National Congress (KNK),
    Representative of KNK in America
    And the author of the book, “Return of the Medes”.

  9. Derwan says:

    Welcome Israel in Kurdistan. Israel is better than Arap, than Persien, than Turkey. Long live Israel and Kurdistan

  10. bassel eid says:

    im a lebanese citizen how cani join the mossad?? im 18

  11. majid says:

    it is not true

  12. William tumusiime says:

    When some one promises to wipe you out of the world map,and u have the capacity to stop him,for sure,isreal will not let iran develop the bomb! And to those non muslims out side their;dont think the bomb is intended only for isreal,its for the destructrution of all non muslims.imagine when that bomb lands in the hands of,alquanda,alshabab,some extremists in chechinia,bashir of sudan,boko haram in nigeria,tegris in northern mali,adf in drc who are opposed to uganda,hamas,fatha,syrians on assad side,plse lets join hands and stop iran from aquireing the bomb.for me iam ready ,isrealis process my travels documents to negrev desert for regerious training,so that when actions beggins,i dont want just to watch,the worlds efficient army (IDF) doing it alone.after all,if you cant do something for something ,your not fit to live. Long live the state of isreal.

  13. shogun cefiro says:

    I admire these guys (mossads)…I think they are the real deal!

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