Pakistan will retaliate if Israel attacks Iran, says diplomat

Hossein SalamiBy JOSEPH FITSANAKIS | |
A European diplomat has quoted Pakistani officials as saying that Islamabad will retaliate in kind if the Israeli military attacks Iran. Speaking to the Associated Press, the anonymous diplomat, who is stationed in Pakistan, said Pakistani military leaders have decided that “if Iran is attacked [they] will have no alternative but to launch a reprisal attack”. The warning, which the Associated Press appears to be treating as reliable, implies the involvement of Pakistan —the world’s only predominantly Muslim nuclear power— in a possible war between Iran and Israel. The latter is also widely considered to possess a formidable nuclear weapons arsenal. Other reports quote several international experts who seem to agree that it will be impossible to contain the ramifications of a possible military confrontation between Iran and Israel to a strictly regional level. Nick Witney, former Director of the European Defense Agency, who is currently Senior Fellow at the European Council on Foreign Relations, argues that an Iranian-Israeli war will have immediate effects on the global economy. According to Witney, “the political and economic consequences of an Israeli attack would be catastrophic for Europe”, as the immediate spike in oil prices will cause out-of-control defaults in countries like Italy and Greece. This will eventually push the entire European Union, including economic powerhouse Germany, into a deep and prolonged recession, and may even cause the euro to collapse altogether. Moreover, says Witney, Iran will “probably retaliate against European interests in the region, and conceivably more directly with terrorism aimed at Western countries and societies”. On Monday, Brigadier General Hossein Salami (pictured), who is currently Deputy Commander of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), echoed Witney’s words, when he told Iranian media that Iran “will target any country where an attack against Iran is staged”. Salami did not elaborate on the word “staged”, but added that the “origin of an enemy offensive against the Islamic Republic of Iran will become the target of a reciprocal assault by IRGC combat units”. Western commentators have interpreted his words as a warning intended for Iran’s neighboring countries. Israel has remained silent on the matter. Speaking to Israeli media over the weekend, Amos Yadlin, former Director of Israel’s military intelligence, said there was too much public discussion over Iran, and suggested that “Israel should go back to what it does best: shut up”.

5 Responses to Pakistan will retaliate if Israel attacks Iran, says diplomat

  1. Viki says:

    If pakistan is so much concerned it shud first stop violent hate groups from killing and targeting Shias in Pakistan.

  2. They should also consider India. The second they decide to attack anyone one when war breaks out between Israel and Iran, India will see an open door to destroy their biggest enemy and aggressors, and they are itching to get some after what Pakistan did in Mumbai.

  3. Could this be a proxy threat on behalf of Obama who would like to avoid an October Surprise by Israel/Republicans?

  4. Nayeem says:

    Taleban element is present in Pakistan defence department. If a squadron of JF-17 loaded with nukes flies to Iran, a disaster will follow where no good will happen.

  5. Barney says:

    This whole thing of the Israeli extremists is caused by their fear of losing hegemony in the ME; they know that Iran would not attack Israel. The suprise of all surprises is going to befall Israel if it does attack Iran, and that means that a couple hundred thousand Israelis are going to be dead and many Israelis are actually innocent and do not deserve this. Netanyahu is a madman who should not be tolerated by the U. S., and the U.S. needs to make this clear to AIPAC. We the American People have suffered enough because of Congressional sell-out to these extremist zionists and to their media organs all over the U.S. Dimona can be destroyed, along with Ben Gurion Airport, along with all towns around them, not to mention the utter destruction of Tel Aviv with countless Israeli deaths. Enough is enough. The extremist zionists are willing to see us all go down the tubes because they won’t go back to the ’67 lines and accept a soverein Palestine next to it. They are ungrateful crazies, and we are half crazy for letting them get hold of our government, but then who of us knew what they were doing as they gradually got hold of Congress by buying them off. All American Jews and their Corporations can contribute directly to Israel and/or the IDF and write it off as an income tax deduction. Talk about the control over us which AIPAC has!

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