News you may have missed #682

Lieutenant General Ronald BurgessBy IAN ALLEN | |
►►Is there a Mossad base near Iran? The London-based Sunday Times has published an interview with a man claiming to be an Azerbaijan-based agent of Israeli intelligence agency, who confirmed the existence of such a base. The man, identified in the article as “Shimon,” told the paper that there were dozens of Israeli Mossad agents working out of the base. The meeting between the agent and the London Times‘ reporter took place in Baku, near the Israeli Embassy, the report said.
►►Analysis: CIA report on Soviet bioweapons still secret. It has been three decades since the Reagan administration accused the Soviet Union and Vietnam of using chemical weapons known as yellow rain. We still do not know how the US came to this conclusion, but have good reason to believe that it was based on flawed or distorted intelligence. A classified critique of the intelligence behind those charges, written several years ago for the Central Intelligence Agency, could shed light on what happened. Last year, Matthew Meselson, a Harvard expert on chemical and biological weapons, filed a Freedom of Information Act request to get the report released. He was turned down.
►►US official says Iran unlikely to strike first. Lieutenant General Ronald Burgess, director of the US Defense Intelligence Agency, said the Iranian military is unlikely to intentionally provoke a conflict with the West. He said Iran probably has the ability to “temporarily close the Strait of Hormuz with its naval forces”, as some Iranian officials have threatened to do if attacked or in response to sanctions on its oil exports by the US and European Union. But, he added, “Iran is unlikely to initiate or intentionally provoke a conflict or launch a preemptive attack”.

One Response to News you may have missed #682

  1. Carl Clark says:

    Mossads false flag operation using Iranians to bomb Israeli targets, has not worked, very clever deception, but a trademark of Israeli assassins is the sticky bomb which they have used to kill irans nuclear scientists, so it looks like the other option is a false flag operation on U.S soil to get the public onside, we wait on this attack as I have advised Iranian Intelligence on several occasions not to rise up to the provocation by the U.S and Israel and they have heeded this warning.
    I am amazed that the U.S and Israel have waited so long, as this is giving Iran time to prepare their defenses, we see why though they are working with agents from Mossad and the CIA on the ground in Syria and Lebanon stirring things up as they are both supporters of Iran and are too close for comfort to Israel.
    I think as do many others that the whole middle east will be engulfed in war, Israel is in danger of being wiped off the face of this earth, with the U.S in economic collapse, with the people of the U.S rising up in protest and with Israel surrounded by hostile nations in danger of being cut off by Egypt, war is a very neccessary thing, a three star U.S General recently stated at a private function “Israel is the U.S vanguard and point man for that they have to be supported 100%, without Israel we lose the middle east”? odd thing to say, what is very clear is that Israeli bribes, blackmail and threats they are the ones who actually run some of the Arab countries, so it would be a worst case scenario if Israel fell, Israel are the masters of manipulation and deception and can never be held accountable for their crimes against humanity, we punish other countries with sanctions or worse for less than Israel do to the palestinians? their assassinations around the world are not punished, but if an arab nation did the same the west would punish them severely, it seems there is one law for the west, one for Israel which gives them Carte Blanche to kill and maim wherever they want, and a law which penalises the Arab and North African Countries.

    The one thing worrying the U.S was China taking Irans side, Obama has talked to the Chinese Premier and been assured that China will stay out of the conflict, what is in it for them though?, Obama said better economic ties and concessions on imports and exports in the future, they will be meeting next year to thrash this out, so Obama is guaranteed staying in power for him to arrange the talks, so all my money has gone onto Obama to gain a second term in office.

    I worked with Israeli intelligence for a few years in the 1990’s and the capabilities they had then were very impressive, their speciallity were false flag operations and they have it spot on now as we saw in India, Thailand and Georgia, they trained and provided the explosives for the bombers but their main purpose was to get the iranians arrested they actually tipped off the police and Intelligence in the countries concerned. The iranians are under the impression that the people running then were Iranian Intelligence Officers when in fact they were Mossad, brilliant deception but it has not had the effect so far, to push an attack by the U.S on strategic positions within Iran.
    It is inevitable and it will be sooner than later that the whole region is at war.

    The Nuclear fallout and contamination from any attacks is an unknown factor as well which poses a different set of problems, this will set the scene for the world for many years to come a world in turmoil and a world which will be divided between Muslim and Christian.

    Carl Clark – Freelance Intelligence.

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