WikiLeaks document to expose Swedish Foreign Minister as US spy

International whistleblower website WikiLeaks says it intends to publish a classified document that allegedly exposes Sweden’s current Foreign Minister as a spy for the United States. According to Swedish newspaper Expressen, which says it has seen the document in question, Carl Bildt, Sweden’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, is shown to have operated as an informant for the United States since the mid-1970s. The revelation, which is allegedly included in a classified diplomatic cable sent from the American embassy in Stockholm to the US Department of State, is likely to cause a major political crisis in Sweden and end the career of Carl Bildt, a popular politician who served as Sweden’s Prime Minister between 1991 and 1994. In an article published on Wednesday, Expressen cites an anonymous WikiLeaks source that claims Bildt “cooperated with the American government in a manner that is in direct violation of Swedish law”. The paper also states that, according to the incriminating document, Bildt was initially recruited by US intelligence through Republican political strategist Karl Rove, who is known to have been “an old personal friend” of the Swedish politician. According to the Expressen report, WikiLeaks has decided to publicize the leaked diplomatic cable as a warning against the Swedish government, which is said to be considering extraditing WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange to the United States. WikiLeaks members and supporters fear that Washington intends to use Assange as a witness in the trial of Bradley Manning, a soldier in the United States Army who was arrested by US authorities in 2010 on suspicion of having leaked hundreds of thousands of classified and restricted US diplomatic documents to WikiLeaks. It is also believed that the administration of US President Barack Obama intends to try Assange for allegedly conducting espionage against the United States, a charge that carries a possible death sentence. The Swedish newspaper quotes WikiLeaks spokeswoman Kristinn Hrafnsson, who refused to comment on the details of the leaked document, but promised that it would be “released soon”.

4 Responses to WikiLeaks document to expose Swedish Foreign Minister as US spy

  1. The Assange plot sickens .. er, I meant thickens .. now, if Wikileaks had been sitting on this information all this time, what would that say about the cowardice of Julian Assange whose motive is saving his own skin above and beyond any call to exposing truths?

    In fact you have varying competitive factions within government who, in the purest sense of Mad Magazine’s ‘Spy versus Spy’ are out to cut each other’s throats no matter the cost to truth and social justice. I don’t believe this story for one minute, and if it were true, rather than a new document recently provided to wikileaks, it only would go to show what a coward Assange is, this should have been among the first material leaked. That Assange is a pathological liar has been established already by former wikileaks Assange associate Daniel Domsheit-Berg

  2. nagual says:

    if assange was truly for the truth, he wouldnt be so dismissive of the fact that the official 911 scenario does not stand up to scutiny, and that all the glaring irefutable holes in the official narrative, wouldnt, in his words, “annoy” him.

    hes disingenous, for whatever reasons.. but as such, i dont really care if he does spend the rest of his time behind bars

    wikileaks has been of no significance, except to give ammunition to those that want to place restrictions on the internet.

    his actions have resulted in the ending of no wars, ( as a matter of fact.. theyve increased )
    no wrong doer has been brought to justice, there has of course been the incarceration, torture and political condemnation of bradley manning, and the obvious no help that assange has been.. he held a fundraiser for mannings defence.. wheres the money julian?

    patriot act.. targeted assasignations… constitution shredded…

    nope.. wikileaks is a sham.

  3. pickle head says:

    rt west-i just read your bio. you have a lot of impressive sounding credentials compared to my having none, but here goes nothing-
    there was nothing said about wikileaks holding on to this info for a long time, so why have you assumed that he did? altho sitting on the info and just waiting for a time to use it for his own benefit isnt exactly the purest of motives, i dont hold it that much against him. its kind of like the tactics that a prosecutor or the police might use in revealing info when it is most tactical. if he withheld the info, it doesnt show the most idealistic motives, but i cant blame the guy as much as you do for keeping some ammo in reserve for himself. but really-why do u even assume he was keeping it under wraps?
    i totally disagree that wikileaks has been of no significance. i assume i am not alone in feeling that it opened my eyes to the dishonesty in the usa gov. there have been many significant revelations, and it has also given ammunition to people who say this is just the reason that the internet should NOT be restricted, or how else are we to get truthful info? certainly not from the media. if it did not have much impact, that is more because the media has downplayed its revelations for obvious reasons.
    the fact that no wrong doer has been brought to justice is not assange’s fault. it is the fault of a system which is unresponsive to allegations against the most powerful and of people who just dont care all that much about having honest, reasonably transparent gov.
    do u know that assange is holding money that was raised for manning or is that an unsubstantiated allegation?
    the patriot act predates assange and i really cant believe you are blaming him for its continuation. the constitution was being shredded way before assange came on the scene. and blaming him for targeted assassinations is just bizarre.
    well, you have lots of credentials so i assume you absolutely KNOW that assange was both sitting on the bildt cables for a long time for his own benefit as well as absconding with manning’s funds. if that is not the case, then you are a seriously dishonest sham with an axe to grind and you dont mind fighting dirty any more that you claim assange is doing.

  4. Bosse says:

    So what does wikileaks have to do with what the documents regarding CARL BILDT say? I am a SWEDE. I live in the country he and financial thugs emptied of money when he was PRIME MINISTER. Since there is no person contradicting this paper that puts him as running foreign powers business in his own country at the time of being beyond stupid in his defense of our Swedish currency, he is a SPY. The present Swedish government is doing equally stupid financial moves today. KARL ROVE is in the mids of things still.
    So what have wikileaks to do with the content of the message? Does the content not belong to the writer? The author?
    Furthermore was he not a spy then in his role as a peace keeper?
    This is truly rotten to the core!
    2013/3/23 Jörgen Rosenling :

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