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2 Responses to News you may have missed #779

  1. AlbertE. says:

    Is this Schindler any relation to the famous Oskar Schindler? I only ask because prior to WW2 Oskar was a case officer for the German Abwehr [military intelligence] operating in Czechoslovakia. A little known fact but does it not change around the entire perspective of Oskar and the Schindler’s List in that Canaris and the Abwehr was anti-Nazi?

  2. intelNews says:

    @AlbertE.: Good question. Oskar Schindler’s role in the Abwehr is generally overlooked in historical accounts. There doesn’t appear to be a link between him and Gerhardt Schindler (English CV – pdf), though. Incidentally, the fear that Canaris’ work for MI6 could be exposed, partly led to the decision to assassinate Reinhardt Heidrich in 1942. Fascinating stuff. [JF]

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