News you may have missed #790

Abdullah al-SenussiBy IAN ALLEN | |
►►New report reopens CIA torture allegations. A report from Human Rights Watch, which was released last week, said that Libyan fighters opposed to Muammar Gaddafi’s regime were subjected to harsh interrogation techniques while in US custody overseas, during the administration of George W. Bush. The accusations, if substantiated, would suggest wider use of waterboarding than US officials have previously acknowledged. The report, which is based on documents and interviews in Libya after the fall of Gaddafi, includes a detailed description of what appears to be a previously unknown instance of waterboarding by the CIA in Afghanistan nine years ago.
►►Analysis: What does Gaddafi’s ex-spy chief know about Lockerbie? Abdullah al-Senussi became a hate-figure in his home country as head of an intelligence machinery responsible for the mistreatment of thousands of opponents of the regime of Muammar Gaddafi, his brother-in-law. He is nicknamed the “butcher” and known as Gaddafi’s “black box” because of the secrets he supposedly holds. The new Libyan regime had been negotiating for months with Mauritania where al-Senussi had fled following the fall of the Gaddafi regime last September. But now that al-Senussi has been flown back to Libya by private jet, he may at last be able to face questions by British police about Lockerbie.
►►Chinese hardware manufacturer denies spying allegations. The Chinese hardware-manufacturing firm Huawei has released a 24-page report, written by John Suffolk, a former British government chief information officer who has now turned Huawei’s global security officer, which states that protecting the network security of its worldwide customers is one of company’s “fundamental interests”. The report follows allegations in the United States, Australia, India, and elsewhere, that the company maintains close operational ties to China’s intelligence establishment.

5 Responses to News you may have missed #790

  1. There is justice within the Services, that can remain in the future return to civil peace. The Justice in the International Community will prevail as our allies and the machinery between the P-3,P-5 Alliances and The Global Volunteer Intelligence, and Military Networks can deliver the up front counter, to any escaping preditors, within the corruption, that has plagued our efforts to fight and win this war.

  2. TFH says:

    In regards to the torture, looking back from today’s conspiracy theories I find it almost funny that the first torture manual used in ‘Gitmo was base on a Chinese/N-Korean manual whose goal was not to teach how to find the truth but to force captured US servicemen into making false confessions!

  3. angry cat says:

    I own a Huawei. It’s my second device of that maker and, not ever having owned a bitten apple or similar high end device, I’m happy with it. I dont mind if the chinese republic liberated of people spie on me. I dont mind if the western neo-liberalistic, democratic and corrupt powers that be spie on me. If someone does, they must be bored to death. As a western plebeyan I dont even mind if they spy on each other. I only hope that nobody spends too much money of my taxes or that of a plebeyan chinese spying on a systematic manner only because their supercomputer isn’t feed with good and valuable intel and they, in the meanwhile, try to fish in the ocean of data, trying to overcome their incompetence on obtaining valuable data.

    English is not my first language, I hope to have been understandable.


  4. TFH says:

    Angry Cat: Me for one does not understand, and I tried. Maybe you got their attention now, maybe they just put you into a folder marked “when a scapegoat is needed.” ;)

  5. Commander Comrade Commando Commissar Colonel Charlatan Charles Finley says:

    You are now the scapegoat of TFH!

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