Revealed: German neo-Nazi who helped Palestinians was CIA agent

Willi Pohl, a.k.a. Willi VossBy JOSEPH FITSANAKIS | |
A German far-right militant, whose animosity against Jews led him to aid Palestinians kill Israeli athletes in the 1972 Munich massacre, says he was later recruited by the United States Central Intelligence Agency. Willi Pohl, also known as Willi Voss, 68, was arrested by German authorities a few weeks after Palestinian terrorist group Black September stormed the Olympic village in Munich and took hostage 11 Israeli athletes. All of them were eventually killed by their captors during a botched escape attempt at the nearby Fürstenfeldbruck airport. Voss, who was a known neo-Nazi activist at the time, was charged with possession of weapons and providing logistical support to the Black September militants. However, after his sentence was suspended, Voss managed to secretly emigrate to Beirut, Lebanon, where he was recruited as an agent of Jihaz el-Razd, the intelligence service of the Fatah, the main group in the Palestine Liberation Organization. But in 1975, while on a PLO mission in Belgrade, Yugoslavia, he decided to switch sides. He made the decision after discovering that the car he and his girlfriend were transporting on behalf of the PLO from Beirut to Belgrade contained weapons and highly unstable explosives. He says that the PLO had apparently failed to mention the existence of the hidden items when they asked him to transport the car to Europe. According to Voss’ new book, which has just been published in Germany under the title UnterGrund (Underground), the guns and explosives were discovered by customs officers in Romania (then Rumania); but because at that time the communist country was an ally of the PLO, Voss and his girlfriend were allowed to travel to Belgrade, minus the car and the weapons. Once in the Yugoslav capital, they made the decision to walk in the US embassy, identify themselves as agents of the Jihaz el-Razd and offer their services to Washington. In an interview with German newsmagazine Der Spiegel, published this week, Voss claims he was recruited by the CIA and given the operational codename GANYMEDE. The interview in Der Spiegel includes confirmation of Voss’ CIA role by his intelligence handler CIA officer Terrence Douglas. Douglas says he instructed Voss to return to the service of the PLO and Black September, which was a separate group, and provide the US with information about the activities of leading Palestinian militants from various factions, including Abu Daoud, Abu Nidal, and Abu Jihad, who led the Jihaz el-Razd. Voss claims that he gave the CIA numerous documents, which he photographed in secret inside the Jihaz el-Razd’s headquarters in Beirut, and that he helped prevent many Palestinian operations in Europe and the United States. He also told Der Spiegel that he identified several German neo-Nazis working for the Palestinians, including Udo Albrecht, who actively fought with the PLO forces in Jordan. Today Voss is a novelist, living in Germany. He has written over 30 books.

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6 Responses to Revealed: German neo-Nazi who helped Palestinians was CIA agent

  1. Mari Arinna Mandoria says:

    This almost seems like an advertisement for Willi Pohl ‘s books, exploits of a double agent, anyway I am sure many people will be interested and purchase the book. By the way a message to Ian Allen I do not agree with your description of cats as been unloving perhaps your expectations in regard to cats and their behaviour is unrealistic. Or perhaps you are more of a dog man at heart.

  2. mopsie says:

    I’m sure the only org that would hire such a loathsome subhuman is the CIA.

  3. AlbertE. says:

    Those from the European extreme right AND left were duped by the PLO and beyond them the communists? Who would have ever thought so. And the same for American extreme left and right too I might well imagine.

  4. mopsie says:

    could we please get this armageddon thing rolling already?

  5. Mari Arinna Mandoria says:

    I would say that the real people who are behind the schemes and plots that mar our lives to this day are in fact hiding behind others, whose strings they pull from behind closed doors and they are kept out of view of public scrutiny. In fact who is to say that they are not orchestrating the release of information to the public by various means maybe even this online publication of yours.

  6. Pkno itall says:

    I believe he worked for the cia during the munich olympics

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