CIA finances geoengineering study on climate change

CIA headquartersBy JOSEPH FITSANAKIS | |
The United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is among the principal funding bodies of a scientific research program on using geoengineering to slow down or halt climate change. The 21-month $630,000 study will be administered by the US National Academy of Science (NAS). Alongside the CIA, the project is funded by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). The science of geoengineering encompasses techniques of large-scale intervention on the Earth’s climatic system, aimed at controlling solar radiation and removing carbon dioxide from the environment. Its ultimate goal is to reduce global warming by removing a portion of greenhouse gasses from the atmosphere and by causing the planet to absorb reduced amounts of solar radiation. The NAS study will be the first one of its kind at the Academy to be financially backed by an intelligence agency. In addition to exploring technical ways of altering the course of climate change, the study aims to evaluate the implications of geoengineering efforts on international security and American national security in particular. The CIA’s interest in climate science is not new. Since the middle of the last decade, intelligence agencies have shown interest in the national security ramifications of climate change, as well as in climate change negotiations between governments. In 2009, the CIA opened its Center on Climate Change and National Security, a small unit led by senior specialists from the Agency’s Directorate of Intelligence and the Directorate of Science and Technology. Its focus was on “the national security impact of phenomena such as desertification, rising sea levels, population shifts, and heightened competition for natural resources”. The effort was able to survive early opposition from Republican lawmakers, who criticized it as a “misguided defense funding priority”. The CIA unit soon began sharing its classified data with climate scientists. But in 2012, with the departure from the CIA of the climate effort’s biggest supporter, CIA Director Leon Panetta, the center closed down, after Republican lawmakers pulled all funding. Mother Jones magazine spoke to CIA spokesperson Edward Price, who refused to comment on whether the CIA is indeed funding the NAS project. But he added that it is “natural” that the Agency would “work with scientists to better understand […] a subject like climate change […] and its implications on national security”.

2 Responses to CIA finances geoengineering study on climate change

  1. We arrived in the present circumstance by engineering nature to begin with. My understanding is nature is self-correcting and I somehow doubt jacking nature around more is going to accomplish anything positive .. with CO2 at 400ppm for the first time in 4 million years, the arctic melting, dying oceans being taken over by jellyfish, we are so far behind the curve already, it is a pathetic prognosis.

    My view is our best chance would be backing off sustained development that led to this mess but that will never happen, it is beyond the purview of the worldwide infection of European cultural mentality (economic model) landing us in the CO2 trap. Some have proposed immense dumping of iron into our (already dying) oceans, example of tearing the planet up even more to correct tearing the planet up to begin with…

    The CIA jumping into climate change reminds of the fantasies of Lyndon LaRouche

    ^ It’s a kind of hardcore comedy piece on sustained development (and much more)

  2. Anonymous says:

    Just google “Unilateral Geoengineering” the first pdf that comes up should place this into the context of the US think tank mindset.

    The fact that the CIA is doing this research as well is not surprising. Ozmondia lives.

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