Pilot program gives Syrian rebels advanced Western weaponry

Syrian rebelsBy JOSEPH FITSANAKIS | intelNews.org
A pilot program operated by American and Saudi intelligence services has allegedly supplied Syrian rebel groups with sophisticated Western weaponry for the first time. Last weekend, The Wall Street Journal cited “people briefed on the effort” as stating that “a small number” of advanced American antitank missiles have been offered to Syrian rebel groups. The move is reportedly part of a new clandestine program, which, if successful, could open the door to “larger flows” of sophisticated Western-made weaponry in the hands of Syrian rebels. The paper said that Washington made the decision to give the weapons to the rebels following the collapse of the Western-backed peace talks early this year, coupled by the apparent military victories of Syrian government forces on the ground in the embattled Middle Eastern country. The effort is apparently part of a “small, tailored program”, which The Journal says is coordinated by American and Saudi intelligence services, aimed at “testing the waters” in Syria. Specifically, Washington and Riyadh are trying to discern whether these advanced weapons will fall into the hands of some of Islamist-inspired rebel groups on the ground, some of which have strong links with al-Qaeda. According to the paper, American and Saudi intelligence operatives have funneled “about a dozen” BCM-71 TOW armor piercing antitank systems to at least one rebel group on the ground. The group, Harakat Hazm, emerged earlier this year through the union of several small secular rebel groups in northern Syria. One weapons expert told The Journal that the antitank systems are equipped with a “complex, fingerprint-keyed security device” that should hopefully help limit the number of individuals that can fire the weapons. The article adds that US and Saudi intelligence services have entered a period of closer collaboration aimed at increasing material support for the Syrian rebels. At the same time, the Central Intelligence Agency is allegedly “looking at ways to expand its limited arming and training program” for Syrian rebels, which is hosted by the pro-American regime in Jordan. Meanwhile, reports from Reuters state that online videos appear to show Syrian rebels using BCM-71 TOWs on the battlefield. Speaking to reporters on Saturday, White House National Security Council spokeswoman Bernadette Meehan refused to confirm or deny The Journal’s allegations. She merely stated that the White House was “not going to detail every single type of our assistance” to the Syrian rebels.

One Response to Pilot program gives Syrian rebels advanced Western weaponry

  1. Mogul says:

    This is two years old. So much for being covert when I talked about it openly on my facebook when blasting articles who couldn’t even give us an accurate number of how many rebels groups there are in Syria which are the good rebel groups that we support and which are the bad rebel groups that Russia supports. I further added two years ago how we were doing all of this through turkey.

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