Hitler was regular crystal meth user, intelligence files show

Adolf HitlerBy JOSEPH FITSANAKIS | intelNews.org
A recently discovered set of documents compiled by American intelligence during World War II show that German Nazi leader Adolf Hitler was a regular consumer of crystal methamphetamines, which are today considered a Class A drug. The previously secret file, which consists of nearly 50 pages of evidence, was produced by the United States Military Intelligence Corps, the intelligence branch of the US Army. It was located by American wartime memorabilia collector Bill Panagopoulos. He told Britain’s Channel 4 television, which later this week will be broadcasting a documentary on Hitler’s numerous drug addictions, that the Nazi leader became reliant on drugs in 1936. He was first prescribed a regime of strong painkillers by Dr. Theodor Gilbert Morell, a German physician who was notorious for his unconventional medical treatments. Morell, who became Hitler’s personal doctor, gave the German dictator Mutaflor, a pain reliever that helped him with his frequent stomach cramps. Soon, however, Hitler went back to Morell for more, and the Berlin-based doctor, who Panagopoulos describes as “a quack, a fraud and a snake oil salesman”, began prescribing the Nazi leader increasingly dangerous cocktails of drugs. Among them were barbiturates, such as Brom-Nervacit, stimulants, including Cardiazol and Coramine, sedatives, primarily the morphine-based Eukodal, and even bulls’ semen to boost his testosterone levels. According to the US intelligence dossier, by late 1943 Hitler could not complete even simple daily tasks without the help of a mix of prescription stimulants and sedatives that included over 74 different medications. Chief among them was Pervitin, described by Morell as an “alertness pill”, but which was in fact a highly addictive concoction of crystal methamphetamines. Pervitin was known among addicts as a drug that induced a powerful feeling of euphoria. Its long-term effects, however, included the extreme hypochondria and rapid deterioration of mental functions. Predictably, Hitler was displaying both symptoms by the summer of 1943, when, according to the dossier, he took Pervitin right before his final meeting with Italian fascist leader Benito Mussolini. Historical accounts of the meeting suggest that Hitler proceeded to deliver a protracted speech full of intemperate and highly censorious language that lasted for over two hours. The US intelligence file also says that the Nazi leader regularly injected himself with Vitamultin, a methamphetamine, while hiding in his Führerbunker in the final days of World War II. The Channel 4 documentary, entitled Hitler’s Hidden Drug Habit, will be aired in Britain on October 19.

2 Responses to Hitler was regular crystal meth user, intelligence files show

  1. John Whittle says:

    `JFK was injected with methamphetamine on a regular basis by his doctor.

  2. AlbertE. says:

    Since so many of these leaders of the world powers operate and are expected for perform as would a Hollywood actor at the height of their performance all the time and do so day after day leading a frenetic existence and life style it is little wonder that many are drug users.

    JFK always like to portray the athletic middle aged man even though he was anything but that. Was quite often in pain and debilitated and drugs provided that necessary “pep” but also warps the mind.

    I am sure Hitler had a very warped mind in large measure because of overuse of drugs.

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