Turkey claims Saudi dissident was killed, dismembered inside Saudi consulate

Jamal KhashoggiTurkish government sources have said that a former trusted aide of the Saudi royal family, who was shunned by Riyadh after criticizing Saudi policies, was murdered inside the Saudi Arabian consulate in Istanbul. Jamal Khashoggi, 59, is an American-educated former adviser to Saudi royals. He worked for years as an advisor to Prince Turki al-Faisal, one of Saudi Arabia’s most recognizable public figures who represented the Kingdom as ambassador to the United States and the United Kingdom. But in 2015, when Mohammad bin Salman, favorite son of Saudi Arabia’s King Salman, began to rise through the ranks of the royal family, Khashoggi became sharply critical of changes in the Kingdom’s style of governance. He moved to the United States, from where he began to criticize Saudi Arabia’s involvement in the civil war in Yemen, its support for the repression of political freedoms in Egypt, and other issues. Earlier this year, Khashoggi joined the staff of The Washington Post and penned columns in which he criticized Saudi policies.

In recent months, Khashoggi moved to Istanbul and planned to marry Hatice Cengiz, a local graduate student. Last Tuesday, in preparation for his wedding with Cengiz, Khashoggi went to the Saudi consulate in Istanbul on a prescheduled visit, reportedly to request a document certifying his divorce from his former wife in Saudi Arabia. The document was reportedly required under Turkish marital law. But The Washington Post columnist has not been seen since. On Sunday, Turkish government officials said that Khashoggi had been brutally murdered inside the Saudi consulate, probably on orders of the Saudi government. Turkish media reports said on Sunday that a 15-member Saudi team arrived in Istanbul shortly prior to Khashoggi’s visit to the consulate. The team, whose members carried diplomatic passports, tortured and then killed Khashoggi, said Turkish sources. They then dismembered his body and took it out of the consulate hidden inside a diplomatic vehicle.

On Sunday, Saudi Arabia denied the charges and said that Khashoggi left the consulate in Istanbul less than an hour after entering it on Tuesday afternoon. But Turkish officials, speaking anonymously to local media, said that the government had “concrete proof” and that the case would be solved soon through a series of public announcements. However, no accusations have been issued publicly and some doubt that Ankara has evidence to implicate the Saudi government in Khashoggi’s disappearance. Others wonder whether the Turkish government will wish to enter into an escalating diplomatic confrontation with the powerful Saudi royal family. The New York Times said late on Sunday that the Turkish government “was waiting until the investigation was complete” before making a full disclosure regarding Khashoggi’s disappearance. Meanwhile government representatives in the United States, a close ally of the Saudi government, said on Sunday that the Department of State “cannot confirm Mr. Khashoggi’s fate” and that it is “following the case”.

Author: Joseph Fitsanakis | Date: 08 October 2018 | Permalink

5 Responses to Turkey claims Saudi dissident was killed, dismembered inside Saudi consulate

  1. Mujtaba Marashi says:

    This barbaric and monstrous . This must and should not happen and the world must stand up to protect freedom of speech . Mr Kashogi like any other person of any background has the right to express his opinion . You can not stop people criticizing certain policies that are detrimental in the way the government is pursuing . Many of Saudi Arabia recent aggressive nature has caused not only loss of financial resources to the country which runs hundreds of billion of dollars but the human tragedy first in Syria and now Yemen . What good has it achieved in taking such path of vengeance and destruction to their Arab and brotherly Muslim countries. Iran has offered on both occasions to sit down and come into agreement and stop the war in both of these 2 countries.
    Now when your own people stand up and write and express their opinions then listen and always you can change the course rather than murdering them .

  2. Looking@ says:

    I would respectfully not agree with Mr. Marashi, In fact Iran is the country that is destroying Yemen and Syria. If Iran stops secretly financing this war with weapons and supplies, the war would certainly stop.
    So Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is just trying to protect itself from attack abroad.

  3. Bill Banks says:

    Recent operations attributed to the GRU offer such incompetence as to defy rational belief. The alleged murder of a WAPO contributor in an embassy puts all that has gone before in the shade. I sincerely hope this will be shown to be mistaken. If not, we are in for some _very_ interesting times…

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