White House whistleblower is a CIA officer, report claims

Donald TrumpThe individual who filed a report claiming that United States President Donald Trump sought help from a foreign country to win the 2020 election is believed to be a male employee of the Central Intelligence Agency. The man, who is legally classified as a whistleblower, filed the report on August 12. It was released for publication on Thursday and is now available [.pdf] online. It claims that Trump tried to “solicit interference from a foreign country” in the 2020 US presidential election. The basis of this claim refers to a telephone exchange between the US president and his Ukrainian counterpart, Volodymyr Zelensky, which took place on July 25.

The whistleblower’s report states that Trump asked Zelensky to investigate the business dealings of Democratic presidential hopeful Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden in Ukraine. The implication of the whistleblower’s allegation is that Trump sought to subvert the election effort of one of his main rivals for the US presidency. The whistleblower report, along with transcripts and memoranda that describe the July 25 telephone conversation between the two heads of state, form the basis of an impeachment inquiry that has been launched by Trump’s political rivals in Congress.

On Thursday, The New York Times cited what it said were three people who knew the identity of the whistleblower. The paper said that the whistleblower is a male employee of the CIA. In the past, the man had been assigned to work in the White House, said The Times. The secondment of CIA personnel to the White House is a regular occurrence. CIA personnel are temporarily assigned to perform duties relating to National Security Council meetings, or manage the White House Situation Room. They also monitor and help manage the White House secure communications system. The paper said that the CIA officer’s White House secondment had ended and that he had returned to the CIA headquarters by the time the July 25 telephone call between Trump and Zelensky took place. In his report [.pdf], the whistleblower states that he was “not a direct witness to most of the events described”. However, he cites accounts of these events by “multiple officials” who shared the information with him “in the course of official interagency business”.

Some have criticized The Times for leaking information about the whistleblower’s place of employment and past assignments. They argue that the information could allow the White House to identify the source of the complaint. By law, whistleblowers in the US have the right to remain anonymous, and thus be protected from possible retaliation from those whom they accuse of abusing their power. But the paper claims that the American public has a right to information about the whistleblower’s “place in government”, so as to assess his credibility and evaluate the significance of his allegations.

Author: Joseph Fitsanakis | Date: 27 September 2019 | Permalink

6 Responses to White House whistleblower is a CIA officer, report claims

  1. Joe Hagler says:

    Without the identity, we know nothing of or if there is a motive. Trump is no angle, but with all that has gone on at the FBI, etc. against him, before and after the election, and his tweets, it’s reasonable to think maybe someone is attempting to get even? Imagine if say James Comey or an agent of his had their hands in this. I also find it odd as to how some are saying how well it is written? Number one, it’s all hearsay. There are good reasons why hearsay is not admissible in a court of law! Hearsay evidence is not admissible in court unless a statue or rule provides otherwise. Therefore, even if a statement is really hearsay, it may still be admissible if an exception applies. Federal Rules contain nearly thirty of these exceptions to providing hearsay evidence. That being said, I feel strongly that this so called whistle blower would never make such headlines if say it was about anyone other than Trump… That I feel is really what is so wrong in all of this mess. Trump has never been given honest reporting since he secured the nomination. Everything we do know with previous administration is still being ignored by the media, but yet Trump begins to make roads into possible corruption, and now it’s front page news… This double standard with the media and our so called elected officials is really what is tearing our country apart. I travel all over and if Trump is removed without direct evidence, a 2nd civil war will have begun…

  2. Pete says:

    Trump seems to be painting the whistleblower as an untrustworthy spy in the same way that Trump paints the whole intelligence US intelligence establishment as untrustworthy.

    In so doing Trump is trying to teach his unsophisticated electoral base to see the sharp end of the intelligence establishment (the CIA, FBI and soon the NSA) as the bottom feeders of the “Swamp”.

  3. James Galullo says:


    why did this happen unless there is a coup attempt from within the Intel. Intel IG is in on all this.

  4. W says:

    It’s a Trump-appointed IG. The intel community doesn’t do coups, they protect the US government more than you or any other department. Why did it happen? Because Trump asked a foreign power he had leverage over to take an action that has no basis in facts or evidence, and thus only has the effect of hurting his political opposition. That reduces his motive solely to hindering a political opponent and that is an abuse of power at the least. Attacking the whistleblower, still not revealing the original transcript and burying the proof, all show he has a guilty mind, mens rhea.
    It is never acceptable for a politician to use their power to benefit themselves personally, and asking a foreign power to take actions that take up man-hours and government resources does constitute a thing of value, government employees don’t work for free.
    Don’t assume all Democrats are happy to impeach Trump, a lot are very upset that they have to do it. (Here’s one of them: https://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2019/09/27/trump-impeachment-national-security-house-democrats-moderate-mikie-sherrill-228430) Also, remember your Government and US History classes from high school: we are not an absolute democracy (the democrat in the previous article seems to have forgotten that). The President is not elected by the people, he’s elected by the Electoral College, and our representatives have the right to impeach him when they think it’s right. One of the biggest reasons we were made a republic, or a democratic-republic, is because the founders recognized the average person can’t spend their life keeping up with information needed to run a government, the power has to be delegated by them to people who can specialize in that. That allows us to live our lives efficiently.
    You might also want to read up on the term “high crimes and misdemeanors” it was taken from british law and the intent of it is actually different than what we all assume it means. The words are written in a different syntax than what we commonly use today. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/High_crimes_and_misdemeanors
    Anyone defending these actions is betraying the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of The United States. So stop.

  5. W says:

    If the President were to have a fiduciary duty to the Constitution and people of the US (which he arguably does by oath of office), this would breach fiduciary duty plain and simple, even if he were doing something the Congress passed a resolution that he should do, he would still have to disclose any conflict of interest in it to the American people. This behavior is a far cry from that.

  6. W says:

    Anyone suggesting, calling for, or promoting a “civil war” in the United States is guilty of committing sedition, a federal crime punishable by up to 20 years in jail. Trump, and anyone promoting this idea (including the poster of a previous comment on this article) could be charged with this.
    We call it “the law”, not “the suggestion”

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