INTERPOL issues red notice for alleged ex-CIA officer wanted in Britain

Harry DunnA so-called ‘red notice’ has been issued by INTERPOL for Anne Sacoolas, an alleged former employee of the United States Central Intelligence Agency, who is accused of causing an accident that killed a man in the United Kingdom last year. The accident victim is Harry Dunn, 19, who died on August 27, 2019, after a collision with a automobile that was being driven by Sacoolas. British police have said that Sacoolas’ car was being driven on the wrong side of the street at the time of the accident.

The accident took place a few yards from the entrance to the Royal Air Force base in Croughton, where Sacoolas’ husband was stationed at the time. He is thought to have been working at the US Air Force listening station, which is located inside the base. The American family had been in the United Kingdom for less than a month when the accident happened. British police charged Sacoolas with dangerous driving that led to the death of Dunn. However, the Sacoolas family left the country two weeks later, allegedly with the consent of the British Foreign Office. The Foreign Office reportedly agreed with the US government’s argument that Sacoolas had diplomatic immunity due to her husband’s work, and could not be tried for the accident.

Later, however, the diplomatic immunity claim was strongly disputed by Dunn’s family. Eventually British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab requested Sacoolas’ extradition to the United Kingdom. But the White House refused to grant the request and suggested instead that financial compensation be paid to the family. The White House also proposed a meeting between US President Donald Trump and the parents of Harry Dunn, which they refused to participate in. In the meantime there were allegations in British and American media that Sacoolas used to work for the CIA and that her husband is an intelligence officer.

Now INTERPOL, the International Police Organization, has issued a red notice for Sacoolas, which theoretically means she could be arrested if she were to leave American territory. Speaking on Monday, Radd Seiger, a lawyer for Dunn’s parents, argued the INTERPOL move means that Sacoolas did not have diplomatic immunity at the time of the accident, since red notices “are not served on valid diplomats”, he said. He also called for the British parliament to launch an inquiry into the accident and into Sacoolas’ subsequent departure from the United Kingdom.

Author: Ian Allen | Date: 12 May 2020 | Permalink

2 Responses to INTERPOL issues red notice for alleged ex-CIA officer wanted in Britain

  1. Peter Parkinson says:

    Sad an accident happened, if your husband or wife worked at a Listening Station(we have one on the Yorkshire Moors, you drive past) a secret base then you should be protected. The Government let the woman out of the UK, you cannot turn the clock back, now I believe more notices have been installed about driving on the right side of the road. In law if you make a mistake genuinely also britain fails to provide sufficient notices then sadly a trial will prove nothing but the governments Culpability. I understand now more driving training has been provided for foreigners stationed in the UK. If you serve on foreign soil service personnel and families must have some protection. The family might want justice to be seen to be done also persecution of the woman who just made a mistake. Example I had security clearance for any base in the world when I was in the RAF as a Radar Engineer in 1969 I would need to be protected or I would have had to leave the service, instead I was posted to RAF Stornoway a secret base the Russian knew about, now declassified.
    Trump has offered blood money as compensation, maybe that is wrong, you only live once send the coronavirus a bill for all those it has killed or maybe the the Chinese for letting it out of China.
    My brother drowned in an accident in 1969 in the River Medway, I believe that after 50 years their is more witness evidence not disclosed also withheld. all I want to get to the truth. British Police are obstructing Justice and will not release files. Attitude not fact trying cover up their falures, the British Police are [edited as per website posting standards].

  2. Richard Woodfield-Poole says:

    If TRUMPS US will not extradite non-diplomatic immunity Sacoolas for interview by UK authorities, then the UK should not be even thinking of extraditing Julian Assange to the US.

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