Chinese state-linked operatives funded Trump campaign to gain access, says report

Trump and Xi JinpingA report in The Wall Street Journal claims that individuals and groups with ties to the Chinese Communist Party and the Chinese People’s Liberation Army donated substantial funds to the re-election campaign of United States President Donald Trump, in return for access to the White House.

The paper claims that nearly half a million dollars were donated to Mr. Trump’s re-election campaign on behalf of Chinese-linked interests soon after he was sworn in as president in January of 2017. Some of these donations were allegedly among the biggest made to the campaign. The list of donors is headed by four men, according to The Journal, some of whom are naturalized Americans of Chinese background, and at least one is a Chinese citizen and American permanent resident, which means he does not get to vote in the United States. He is believed to have donated $150,000 to the Trump re-election campaign.

Many of these donations are gathered through an organization that was created in the United States in 2017 to help the president get re-elected in 2020, says the paper. Funds raised by the group are funneled to Mr. Trump’s re-election campaign and the Republican National Committee. However, according to The Journal, the people behind the organization have ties to Chinese diplomats in the United States, as well as to the Chinese state.

The paper claims that the money given to the Trump re-election campaign earned some of these donors physical access to the White House and the president in at least one occasion, in May of 2017. Among those who were invited to visit the White House was a personal adviser to Xi Jinping, general secretary of the Chinese Communist Party. Others have ties to the Chinese Communist Party and the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, said the paper. It added that some of these donors have also attended Trump re-election campaign strategy meetings and meetings of the Republican National Committee.

The Wall Street Journal allegations came just days after Mr. Trump’s former National Security Advisor, John Bolton, claimed in a new book that the president solicited his Chinese counterpart for help in securing his re-election. In his new book, The Room Where it Happened, Mr. Bolton claims that the American president asked Mr. Xi to have China purchase billions of dollars of American soybeans, so that farming communities in the Midwest would continue to support the Trump ticket come 2020.

Author: Ian Allen | Date: 30 June 2020 | Permalink

3 Responses to Chinese state-linked operatives funded Trump campaign to gain access, says report

  1. Pete says:

    Due to Chinese and Russian skilled intelligence tradecraft it appears to be very difficult to identify Chinese and Russian money flows to Trump’s 2020 campaign.

    The same tradecraft aspect makes it difficult to gauge the extent Chinese and Russian intelligence are hacking into embarrassing Democratic documents holdings – as a rerun of the 2016 leak involving Russia.

    Now, in 2020, the FBI will need to act quickly (or at least be aware) if either China or Russia use Wikileaks again as a cut-out to pass leaked sensitive Democratic documents to the US mainstream media.

  2. David says:

    At the urging of a colleague, I am a new consumer of your media and a long, long time geopol and CT analyst. If this “product” crossed my desk, I would have to ask the nature of the “ties”, which in my experience can be positive or negative. I, for example, have a tie with one of my brothers, and we have been at odds over race issues for over 40 years. In like manner, many people with ties to persons in the CCP have fled to the US and might be willing to support the current POTUS. The assumption that these asserted “ties” are necessarily bad, in this article, flavors the entire assessment and need to be illuminated. The last paragraph is particularly troubling. It arrives, completely unrelated to previous campaign-related assertions, and seems very out of place. That said, while I can see the “America First” President Trump marketing American Soybeans to the Chinese, to assert he asked Xi “so that” his political goals are realized, without some backing is disingenuous. This should have been kicked back for some more work, before release.

  3. Peter Parkinson says:

    trump still makes mistakes, who is credible to replace him, he goes with his advisers recommendations, either good or bad hen gets rid of them if it goes wrong. who will be the next pandemic president of the USA? Would you want the job — only for the money.

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