Ukrainian cities could soon face ‘profound pressure’ by Russian forces, US warns

Kiev KyivLARGE URBAN CENTERS IN Ukraine, such as Kiev, are likely to come “under profound pressure” by Russian forces in the coming days, as an “increasingly frustrated” Vladimir Putin demands results from his generals, according to reports by United States intelligence agencies. At least three American news outlets have cited unnamed “American officials” briefed on the intelligence about Ukraine, in claiming that the Russian president is growing impatient with the progress of the military campaign. Putin may therefore “see his only option as doubling down on violence” and could “imminently increase the intensity of the attack” on Ukrainian cities, according to CNN.

Quoting “an American source familiar with the intelligence”, the news network warned that, from a purely military and tactical standpoint “Russia has the manpower and firepower to take [Kiev]. No question. And no matter how much resistance the Ukrainians put up”. Unnamed American lawmakers and administration officials, who are familiar with intelligence briefings on the matter, told CNN that Ukraine is “massively outgunned and outmanned” and could “by sheer numbers be able to overcome the Ukrainian resistance”. According to two sources “familiar with the intelligence”, some analysts are speculating that Russia may be planning to attack Ukraine “in waves”. The idea would be to exhaust the Ukrainian defenses with the first wave, before “demolish[ing] them with a second wave of fresh troops”.

The question is, how brutal are Putin’s intentions? The American news network NBC cites “current and former US officials briefed on the matter” in claiming that the Russian president may be close to ordering an all-out attack on Ukrainian cities. The officials tell NBC that Putin has been displaying “a different pattern of behavior than in the past” and has been “lashing out in anger at underlings” during “unusual bursts of anger”, while remaining “largely isolated from the Kremlin” due partly to concerns about COVID-19. Due to his isolation from the majority of his advisors, Putin may not have been able to form “a realistic understanding” of the situation on the ground in Ukraine, according to the report.

Some suggest that the Russian dictator may be feeling like he is “backed into a corner”. Consequently, he may resort to using “brute force to seize [Kiev] and other cities, by employing indiscriminate bombing and shelling of civilian areas”. This would not be a first for Putin. He instructed his generals to make use of “scorched earth” tactics in Syria during the civil war there, and he authorized the Russian military to flatten Grozny, the capital of the Russian province of Chechnya, during the Second Chechen War of 1999-2000.

Author: Joseph Fitsanakis | Date: 01 March 2022 | Permalink

One Response to Ukrainian cities could soon face ‘profound pressure’ by Russian forces, US warns

  1. John Carvey says:

    Putin could have used ‘Shock and awe’ to roll across Ukraine in 3 days. The damage would have been extensive and left Ukraine barely viable as a country. Despite Western media garbage that hasn’t happened. Unfortunately when propaganda replaces news completely even those with Post-graduate educations in IR cannot piece together the relevant facts to form an educated and realistic assessment of the situation.
    I do think before this is over Ukraine’s ability to design and build missiles and it’s access to radioactive material will be gone, the Azov battallion will be cornered and obliterated and either an enforceable agreement on neutrality will be reached or a new crowd will be in charge in Kiev.
    It’s crystal clear that Putin is being incredibly careful to retain Ukraine’s viability as a state. The questions we can’t answer are why and if Plan B is a US style assault or something else.

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