Four alleged CIA operatives convicted in Iran



On January 13, intelNews reported on revelations of an ongoing CIA operation to sabotage Iranian nuclear laboratories and installations. The exposé, published in The New York Times, claimed that the covert plan was authorized by President Bush in early 2008 and will be “hand[ed] off to […] Barack Obama”. We also reported that a few hours after The New York Times‘ revelations, the Iranian government announced the arrest and secret trial of four individuals “seeking to topple [the government] with the backing of the US State Department and the CIA”. Last Saturday, the four were apparently convicted after a secret trial, in which they were found guilty of trying to instigate a “velvet revolution” in the Islamic state. The country’s Judiciary spokesperson, Alireza Jamshidi (photo), said the four alleged spies received covert monetary assistance from “the White House, the State Department and the CIA”, and were tasked with setting up a network of dissidents willing to topple the Iranian government. An official statement released by the Iranian Court lambasted “US intelligence agents” for keeping “close contact” with “renegades and fifth elements in Iran”. Asked last week about the allegations, a representative of the US State Department described them as “baseless”. He also refused to comment on the recent allegations in The New York Times of the CIA covert sabotage program. Moreover, reporters at the press conference failed to ask the State Department representative about last July’s revelations by US investigative journalist Seymour Hersh, that Congress secretly appropriated $400 million to fund an extensive anti-government operation inside Iran.

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