NSA tried to spy on US Congress member

Thomas Tamm

Thomas Tamm

By JOSEPH FITSANAKIS | intelNews.org |
An anonymous intelligence official has told The New York Times that the National Security Agency (NSA) attempted to wiretap the personal communications of a US Congressman without court approval. The gigantic US government agency, which is tasked with worldwide communications surveillance, as well as communications security, believed that the Congressman “was in contact […] with an extremist who had possible terrorist ties and was already under surveillance”, said the paper. NSA agents tried therefore to set in motion a warrantless communications interception operation against the Congressman, while he participated in a “Congressional delegation to the Middle East”, either in 2005 or 2006. NSA legal advisers eventually turned down the request, fearing that targeting an elected member of Congress could backlash against the agency. In the same report, The New York Times reveals that technical advances in the field of telecommunications mean that NSA is often unable to technically separate digital communications signals originating inside the United States from those originating abroad. It has therefore been unable to stay entirely faithful to its operational premise to refrain from monitoring the domestic communications of American citizens. This issue was recently relayed to Congress by NSA officials, and so far nobody seems to know what to do about it. The office of the Director of National Intelligence describes the violation of the NSA mandate as an “inadvertent mistake”, while the US Department of Justice (DoJ) claims the problem has “been resolved”. But DoJ whistleblower Thomas M. Tamm doesn’t buy it. Speaking yesterday morning on Democracy Now!, Tamm, who in 2005 tipped off The New York Times about NSA’s post-9/11 domestic warrantless spying program, said the latest revelation shows “our government is still violating the law [and] reaffirms […] that a lot more Americans have been illegally wiretapped than we know”. Meanwhile, DoJ officials are still trying to determine whether NSA “actively listened in on conversations or read e-mail messages of Americans […] rather than simply obtained access to them”.

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3 Responses to NSA tried to spy on US Congress member

  1. Being a retired Intelligence Officer with a National Intelligence Agency, i would have to say what happened at NSA was a mistake. All that work operations know they are bound by certain federal laws governing intelligence gathering and to break a law would result in loss of clearance possible prosecution and fine and possible prison time.

    This is just another left wing socialist Obama regime story meant to undermine the intelligence community.

    The Socialist regime of coward Obama is just showing it’s true agenda, go after the very people who wear the uniform and have kept this country free for many many many decades.

    Gettin after Lefty Show
    Gary Gatehouse
    Vietnam Combat Vet and now a terrorist and a right wing extremist



  2. shekissesfrogs says:

    Troll, It’s apparent you are drunk on indoctrination koolaid, and hopefully, the reason you carry the label “former”, assuming you didn’t make up that story. Thank the gods.

  3. Gary says:

    shekissesfrogs (ass)

    IDIOT-a left wing cookie cutter response

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