Russians helped Lebanon bust Israeli spy ring, claims site

FSB agent

FSB agent

Israeli website DEBKAfile claims that the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation (FSB) is the primary counterintelligence force behind the busting of the Al-Alam spy ring in Lebanon, which intelNews has been monitoring since February, when it first erupted. The website, known for its contacts with intelligence circles, says that it was Russian, not French, surveillance technology that helped uncover the spy ring. The article cites “Western intelligence sources in the Middle East”, who apparently revealed that a specialist FSB unit was commissioned by Hezbollah, the Shia Islamic political and paramilitary organization that controls large parts of Lebanon, to root out the massive spy ring. The unit then proceeded to do so “with the help of super-efficient detection systems”, DEBKAfile claims. Interestingly, the website describes as new information the fact that Hezbollah, and not the Lebanese military, was behind the arrests of members of the Al-Alam spy ring. In reality, intelNews was among a handful of news outlets reporting almost from day one that, according to Lebanese media, the alleged spies were “apprehended following a stakeout by Hezbollah operatives”. Over 70 individuals have so far been charged in connection with the Al-Alam spy ring, which Lebanese authorities allege was operated by Israel and operated predominantly in southern Lebanon.

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