Lithuania also hosted CIA black sites, says ABC News

Dick Marty

Dick Marty

After Poland and Romania, the former Soviet republic of Lithuania has been identified by US information outlet ABC News as another European nation that secretly hosted CIA prisons after 9/11. ABC News reporter Matthew Cole says former CIA officials told him that the Lithuanian government provided the CIA with a building located in suburban Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, with the understanding that it would be used as a so-called black site for secretly detaining high-value al-Qaeda suspects. The CIA reportedly used the building to detain up to eight suspects for over a year each, until December of 2005, when public rumors about the existence of the prison forced the CIA to abandon it. According to an unnamed former CIA officer, the Lithuanian government facilitated the secret prison in order to improve its bilateral relations with Washington, and did not ask for specific compensation from the US. Reacting to the ABC News revelation, Swiss senator Dick Marty, who has led a Europe-wide investigation into the CIA black site network, urged other European nations to own up to their “shameful” role in assisting the CIA. But the Lithuanian government and the CIA have refused to comment on the allegations. CIA spokesperson Paul Gimigliano went so far as to describe the ABC News revelation as “irresponsible”.

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