More information on ex-French spy’s escape from Dubai

Herve Jaubert

Herve Jaubert

New information has emerged on former French spy Herve Jaubert’s alleged secret escape from Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE), which intelNews reported last week. British newspaper The Sunday Telegraph has published an article with details of Jaubert’s escape, including a photograph of the former spy dressed in a black abaya, a head-to-toe burka traditionally worn by Muslim women in the Persian Gulf. Jaubert left Direction Générale de la Sécurité Extérieure (DGSE), France’s foreign intelligence agency, in 1993, to pursue a career in the luxury tourist market, first in Florida and then in Dubai. But less than a year ago, Emirates authorities accused the Frenchman of embezzling nearly $4 million from Dubai World, a company he helped found in the country. Jaubert says he was threatened with torture by overzealous Emirates authorities and decided to escape, despite having been forced to surrender his French passport. He allegedly used his intelligence expertise to check into a series of UAE hotels under assumed identities. On the day of his escape, he wore a wetsuit and a scuba diving set that former intelligence colleagues smuggled to him from France in pieces. He then put on the abaya and walked to a deserted beach, where he used an inflatable rubber dinghy to reach a sailboat located just outside UAE territorial waters. It was reportedly sailed by an unnamed former intelligence colleague of his. The former spies sailed on to India, which Jaubert entered using a new passport supplied to him by French authorities. Emirates officials have dismissed Jaubert’s account of his escape as nonsense and have formally charged him in absentia of embezzlement. But Jaubert, who now lives comfortably in Florida, maintains his innocence and is writing a book titled Escape from Dubai

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One Response to More information on ex-French spy’s escape from Dubai

  1. Serbian newspapers “Evening News” has been first international media who published a story about Herve Jauber.
    This is link on original Serbian language.

    You can check this. The journalist wrote some very interesting facts which are not mentioned in Washington Post and other interantional famous media.

    Exhomos have got order from Indonesian goverments for 10 special underwater Jauber’s vehicle to protect water from pirates. Morroco goverment also wanted use same subamrines for fight against the illegal immigrants . UAE and Taiwan had SECRET contract about underwater submarines but it was broke due to protest of official Chinese Goverment. The most famous Emirates hotel Atlantis is one of them also ordered Jauber’s submarines for luxury diving of hotel guests. The price was about 3000 dollaras.

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