CIA furious over UK-Libyan bomber release deal



The CIA has threatened to stop sharing intelligence with UK spy services in protest over the recent release from a Scottish prison of a Libyan intelligence agent convicted for the 1988 bombing of Pan Am flight 103, according to a British newspaper. Abdelbaset al-Megrahi, who is now back home in Tripoli, was released by British authorities on August 19 on compassionate grounds, after medical tests allegedly showed he is suffering from terminal cancer. Many observers, including former CIA agent Robert Baer, voiced suspicion about the reasons behind al-Megrahi’s release, while several British newspapers, including The London Times, alleged that the release was part of a lucrative oil exploration deal between British Petroleum (BP) and the Libyan government. Now an article in British newspaper The News of the World claims that the CIA leadership has vowed to terminate intelligence cooperation with the UK over the Libyan’s release. The paper also alleges that some senior US intelligence officials see London’s purported deal with Tripoli as the end of the road for the “special intelligence relationship” between Britain and the United States. The last time Washington threatened London with termination of intelligence cooperation was last February, when US government officials warned their British counterparts that US-British intelligence collaboration wouldcome to an end if the British government released CIA records in its possession, pertaining to the case of Binyam Mohamed. Mohamed was a resident of Britain who says he was tortured while imprisoned by US authorities at the Guantánamo Bay camp.

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One Response to CIA furious over UK-Libyan bomber release deal

  1. There should be an Understanding that to Implode the U.S. Economy will only make The U.S. of America more Self Sufficient, we can sustain Our Own needs and make it through a Holocaust if Iran goes Nuclear, this would make Importing and Exporting a favor, to Close Allies and to Those we Trust. The World cannot produce enough Oil to Eat. There won’t be any Food either, so Imploding the U.S. Economy will not work well. The World needs Food and Intelligence. They go good with a Glass of Milk! Topped with Toast and Honey. the Best thing for These Aggressors, whom ever they may be is to Pray for a miracle and Hope God plans for them to be included, we need our Allies and will do something that No Other Nation can do, and that’s, “Feed The World and Secure It” with the Help of The Great Alliance! God Willing, We will Prevail! Volunteer Intelligence

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