CIA to deploy in record numbers in Afghanistan



The CIA is preparing to deploy record numbers of operatives and analysts to Afghanistan, according to US officials with access to classified documents, who spoke on condition of anonymity to The Los Angeles Times. Some said that once the intelligence surge is over the CIA’s station at the US embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan, which coordinates CIA activity in the country, will be “among the largest in the agency’s history”, rivaling and perhaps even surpassing those in Iraq, and even in Vietnam in the late 1960s. By the end of 2001, the Agency’s presence in Afghanistan was limited to about 150 agents. This number had doubled by 2005, and current estimates place the CIA’s force in the country to about 700, a number which may double again, once the intelligence surge has reached its peak. The surge will include an increase of the Agency’s Crisis Operations Liaison Teams, which are small units of CIA paramilitaries that are embedded and share intelligence with US military commands. According to the Times, the CIA surge will parallel similar surges in Afghanistan by virtually every other major US intelligence service, including the National Security Agency and the Defense Intelligence Agency.

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One Response to CIA to deploy in record numbers in Afghanistan

  1. This will be the Greatest Asset to this War when we get enough People involved and Take The Intelligent Actions necesary to Demolish these Taliban’s and Al-Qaeda Thugs, all these People are, will turn out to Be a Bunch of Drug Dealers and Murders with a SEmi-Military Training and Religious Suicide Ethic. They have The Mentality of probably 10 yr olds and cannot distinguish the Truth from a Halucinational State of Demonic Possesion! Their Religion Dictates the entire Method and Aglorythym of their Dream World. Their Military Training only Justifies their Suicidal False Pride and makes them look Good in The mirror, elsewhere they are dispised even by their own People! Killing is their Strength, and as many as possible, they will do. There is no limit to How manythey can kill. This means that when Published into the Media in OpenSource Networks and Mediums like the Internet, Television and The Gloabal Conversations in a Negative light for them is making them look like the Butt of a Dead Cause and a Foney to The World around them. Negative Publicity is a Must to Counter their Psychological advances in this War. Then applying a Fierce Military Pounding of their Structures and applying positive support for the Allies and Hometown American Ideas, plus the MasterCraft of Operations will force them to Reconcile their Operations and Morph into a Defensive type of Operation, that will defend them little and make them Vulnerable to the Civilian Operations. They have to communicate then and devise another operation and can be located before they launch their next moves! Volunteer Intelligence

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