Pakistani spies “visibly angry” at US charge of Taliban links

A.S. Pasha

A.S. Pasha

Recently, Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), Pakistan’s secretive spy service, gave Washington Post’s associate editor, David Ignatius, a rare look inside its Islamabad headquarters. However, the first known visit to the ISI by a Western journalist in recent years failed to impress the Pakistanis. The latter became “visibly angry” when Ignatius asked them whether they are withholding information about al-Qaeda and the Taliban, as the CIA and other US intelligence agencies claim. The charges, which are disputed by Pakistani officials, led to “a long and animated conversation” with ISI Director, Lieutenant General Ahmed Shuja Pasha, who forbade the US journalist from quoting him directly. Ignatius said another ISI official reacted to Washington’s accusations by “loudly” reciting “a summary of Pakistani casualties” since 9/11, and prompting the journalist to tell the Americans not to “interfere in a way that infringes on our sovereignty and makes us look bad in the eyes of the public”. Ignatius ends his account of his visit to ISI’s headquarters with a suggestion to the CIA to treat ISI agents “with respect, as full partners, not as useful CIA assets”. But the bad blood between the two organizations is apparent.

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2 Responses to Pakistani spies “visibly angry” at US charge of Taliban links

  1. Perhaps the Pakistani’s would like a 911 on Their turf in their Capital for a Change, or better yet just let the Taliban’s and Al-Qaeda’s get their Hands on The Pakistani’s to see if they did a Good enough job of Protecting them or the C.I.A.. It always has a Reciprocating effect to say that someone is Not doing the Right, thing when the Wrong thing is so Obvious. Especially when it comes back to Tell a Different Tale. The best outcome of this situation would be to Declare that The Enemy is being protected by the Pakistani’s and The C.I.A. is not! At least the Truth would be Explained in True Words. Then a Solution could come to Pass. The Al-Qaeda’s and The Taliban’s would or should Have to Fight their Own Battles away from the Pakistani Government by Being pushed out into Afghanistan and Fight their own Battles to save the Pakistani Public from Massacre which the Taliban’s and Al-Qaeda’s are doing to The Pakistani’s by Force to Silence their Own predicament. By doing so The Team Alliances of Pakistan,Afghanistan, and N.A.T.O. as well as The U.S., and The Muslim Armies would be the Forces to Destroy the Enemy and Not The Alliances of The True Forces of Freedom alone. This makes sense and would Work if the Pakistani’s are True to Their Word. Volunteer Intelligence

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