US State Dept. third highest official was espionage suspect, says ex-FBI agent

Marc Grossman

Marc Grossman

Marc Grossman, Under Secretary of State during the Bush Administration, was suspect in a lengthy counterespionage probe by the FBI, according to a former senior Bureau agent. John M. Cole, an 18-year FBI veteran who worked for the Counterintelligence Division of the Bureau’s National Security Branch, said the investigation into Grossman centered on activities by Turkish and Israeli intelligence in the United States. Cole was speaking to former CIA agent Philip Giraldi, currently of The American Conservative magazine, a paleoconservative publication, which was one of a handful of US media outlets that gave column space to recent revelations of Turkish intelligence activities by FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds. Edmonds, a translator for the FBI, spent seven years trying to get a US court to hear her allegations that Turkish intelligence agents penetrated her unit, the State Department, the Pentagon and Congress. On August 8, she gave a public testimony at the Washington headquarters of the National Whistleblowers Association, in an attempt to keep her case alive in the public eye. Among other allegations, she said that Turkish intelligence agents bugged the apartment of a female member of Congress and then blackmailed her, threatening to expose her extra-marital affair. She also claimed that several Congress members were “paid off” to support legislation that Ankara deemed important for Turkey’s interests. Cole’s response is the first confirmation of Edmonds’ allegations. The retired FBI counterintelligence agent said that the Bureau investigated the case, but the investigation, which lasted ten years, was eventually “buried and covered up”. Grossman, now retired, rose to the State Department’s third most senior post after serving as US Ambassador to Turkey from 1994 to 1997.

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3 Responses to US State Dept. third highest official was espionage suspect, says ex-FBI agent

  1. I wonder if this isn’t a Foreign Espionage Operation from the Middle East, that tries to Pit The Left against The Right, in an All out Operation to undermine the Entire U.S. Government? I specifically remember that when We were Hit on 911 there were believed to be a large number of Middle Eastern Employees in Our Government, and I don’t know to what extent they were all Cleared or Investigated, because there were several Spies unearthed inside the U.S. Government that Flew The Country! Some of these were Highly educated People, one whom was a Professor at Missouri University in Mo. whom knew a lot about Agriculture and Geography of The U.S., as well as a Chemist too! Then there were all The Terrorists Probes that could have sent a massive amount of Terrorists packing and leaving the Country in Flight of being caught. So does this mean that there were some left behind installed in Our Government that were caught and watched over a period of years and some still being watched Too? I believe that there isn’t always a Good place to say that we are in all The Best situation we could be in till this War is over and every single thread is run down. Look How Long it took to Find all those Nazi’s after WWII! China still poses a Threat too, among other Nations, we’ll be Busy with these Creeps a long time No Doubt! Volunteer Intelligence

  2. AllanGreen says:

    What is that mumbo jumbo up here?

    Who is this Cole with his 18 years experience? And who can corroborate his evidence? We don’t know who he is. The FBI employees thousands of employees, and we know nothing about him. If Mrs. Edmonds chooses to base her anti-American charges on his allegations, it’s hardly worth reporting as news.

  3. Faraway says:

    Marc Grossman engineered the impasse with Turkey, so that US troops wouldn’t have access. Did Colin Powell know?

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