Iran has as many as 40,000 spies in Arab world, says defector

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Al Arabiya logo

An alleged former Iranian spy, who defected several years ago, claims that the Islamic Republic has “as many as 40,000” covert operatives in the Persian Gulf. The alleged defector spoke anonymously to al-Arabiya, a Saudi-owned pan-Arabic television network based in the United Arab Emirates. He told his interviewer that the activities of the undercover operatives are coordinated by Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. Among other revelations, the unidentified defector said that Iranian spy cells tend to work in groups of five and operate independently, usually unaware of the operations or even existence of other nearby cells. The 40,000 operatives include numerous temporary informants, who are contracted for a short period, often to supply information on military capabilities, energy and communications infrastructure, as well as the inner workings of economic organizations active in the Gulf region. Other operatives work on a full-time basis, said the defector, who allegedly “fled to another country” in 1993, after having worked for the Revolutionary Guards for five years. Al-Arabiya said the defector provided “documents outlining some of his intelligence missions and orders from the Guards, but requested the documents not be published due to fear for his personal security”.

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One Response to Iran has as many as 40,000 spies in Arab world, says defector

  1. I believe like I said, there are a Bunch of These Spies in The U.S. and are or have been chatting and sending signals across the Cyberspace to wherever and Communicating constantly. I have read a recent post on an Intel Group that said the Taliban’s have been chatting about attacking a Military Base in New Mexico as well as one in Arizona that Man’s these Drones and Flies them in Pakistan and Bombs these Taliban’s there. You and I know if the Taliban has Spies here and there are all those Hezbollah’s in Central America that they are connected as well as Operating on Our soil too. Iran surely has a Few Operators in Our Nations Capital and elsewhere that are doing the Same things here that they are doing in The Gulf. We have a Large population of them in Kansas City Kansas as well as Los Angeles California. Guess where all The Technology is around Those Places? Volunteer Intelligence

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