US wont’ share al-Qaeda intelligence, say Pakistani spies

Quetta, Pakistan

Quetta, Pakistan

A number of senior Pakistani security officials have accused US spy agencies of systematically withholding from their Pakistani counterparts actionable intelligence on al-Qaeda and Taliban activities in Pakistan. Speaking on condition of anonymity, the officials complained to The Washington Times that the last time the CIA shared actionable intelligence on al-Qaeda with the government of Pakistan was in 2007. They also said that recent public assertions by US officials that senior al-Qaeda leaders are hiding in Quetta, Pakistan, have not been followed with corresponding actionable intelligence by US spy agencies. The allegations shed further light on the increasingly severed intelligence relationship between Washington and Islamabad, which began shortly before the 2008 ousting of American-supported Pakistani dictator General Pervez Musharraf. Last month, while visiting the headquarters of Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), Pakistan’s secretive spy service, Washington Post associate editor David Ignatius said Pakistani spies became “visibly angry” when he asked them whether they were withholding information about al-Qaeda and the Taliban, as the CIA and other US intelligence agencies claim. Last week, the Pakistani government officially summoned Gerald Feierstein, US Deputy Chief of Mission in Islamabad, and demanded that he “stops discussing intelligence issues in the media”, including his public claim that top al-Qaeda and Taliban leaders are presently hiding in Quetta.

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